SpendEdge is a global procurement and sourcing intelligence advisory firm with offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, and India. As a pioneer in sourcing and procurement intelligence services, they are also a global strategic partner for leading Fortune 500 firms and other leading companies across industries.

SpendEdge offers a complete suite of sourcing and procurement market intelligence solutions aimed at helping procurement decision makers gain actionable insights for better decision making. They offer a wide portfolio of solutions ranging from category market intelligence, supplier assessment, procurement best practices benchmarking, cost breakdown analysis, price forecasting, risk monitoring etc. They deliver both ready-to-use reports based on standardized content structure, as well as customized market intelligence solutions to meet the speed and granularity of research needs of category managers.

SpendEdge’s team of analysts provides actionable insights that helps sourcing and procurement professionals make informed decisions. Their innovative procurement solutions help enterprises transform structural capabilities, improve execution efficiency, and fast-track time to savings.

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