The Assessment Group

Established in 2001 by academic researchers, The Assessment Group is now an independent company delivering high-quality assessment services for a slew of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and many more institutions involved in the healthcare industry. The firm’s core business is to prepare comprehensive practice pattern evaluations for healthcare sector marketing initiatives.

The Assessment Group’s offerings identify and evaluate the impact of promotional activities, which have influence on management and treatment decisions. The Assessment Group is recognized for the provisioning of high-quality, objective and efficient assessments. It elaborates and offers both custom-built and ready-made reports. The firm equips clients with the unparalleled solution focused impact metrics.

The reports prepared by The Assessment Group uncover essential data on the modern physician practice patterns, provide detailed discussions of various clinical decisions along with comprehensive analyses of the forces influencing them, examine key challenges to patient care, and unveil relevant information required to elaborate efficient market strategies leading to fruitful results.

Research Reports By The Assessment Group

Found 22 publications
US Oncologist Survey: Optimizing Treatment for Advanced Lung Cancer US$ 8,900.00 US$ 1,200.00 Apr, 2011 56 pages
US Oncologist Survey: Optimizing Treatment for Large Cell Lymphoma US$ 2,999.00 US$ 500.00 Apr, 2011 35 pages
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