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Mortgage Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Mortgage is a contract which determines the conditional right of ownership on a property/asset by its owner to a lender as a guarantee on a loan repayment. Mortgage payments are fixed for specified time. They include periodic payment of the capital and of a registered monthly interest. Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate represent the two principal types of mortgage.

Mortgage is most commonly utilized for buying or construction of real property. Meanwhile, such loan can be also used to raise money for launching of a business or paying out a debt, for instance, student fees or credit cards.

The MarketPublishers’ catalogue gathers reports reviewing the global, region- and country-wise mortgage markets. The research studies uncover relevant data on the current market size and value; describe major factors having an impact on the market. The reports extensively analyze the performance of the dominant market participants and examine the competitive scenario. Furthermore, the researches trace historical trends of the market and also outline possible future standing of the market.

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2014 U.S. Mortgage & Non-Mortgage Loan Brokers Industry-Capital & Expenses Report US$ 149.00

The 2014 U.S. Mortgage & Non-Mortgage Loan Brokers Industry-Capital & Expenses Report, published annually by Barnes Reports, contains timely and accurage ... , inventories, rentals, and other expenses nationally and for all 50 U.S. States and up to 900 metro areas. Expenses categories include materials used, ...

December 2013 169 pages
Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in U S - Analysis Forecast US$ 4,950.00

... had an outstanding mortgage-to-GDP ratio - above 100% - despite being very badly affected by the recent financial crisis. The report ‘Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in the U.S. – Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015’ is a market research study of recent changes in the U.S. residential mortgage industry. The ...

September 2010 95 pages
Pawn Industry Market Research (China) US$ 1,000.00

China pawn industry is in the process of developing in a fast and healthy way. Since the implementation of "Measures on Administration of Pawn Industry" in April of 2005, the transactions of...

February 2008 40 pages