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SBI: Market Research Reports

SBI Reports is a leader in providing in-depth industrial market intelligence. Through its division, SBI Energy, the company effectively deals with the complexities surrounding the energy and resources industrial field. The company’s research is also available in construction/building, materials and chemicals, automobile and transportation, trade, and manufacturing sectors. SBI Energy provides vital data on biofuels, wind, solar, geothermal, energy efficiency, coal, ocean and hydro, sustainable building materials, LED/OLED, residential waste water treatment, smart grid technology, among others.

SBI’s team of qualified analysts is devoted to meeting the information requirements of business professionals in commercial industrial markets. Primary research, expert analysis, detailed coverage and all-encompassing market assessment and forecast are invariable features of their reports.

Starting from the help with the identification of the most up-to-the-minute research, to post-sale support services, SMI’s ambition is to establish long-standing relations that best suit clients’ constant needs.

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Global and Regional Markets for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Infrastructure and Equipment US$ 3,960.00

... the past decade. However, these trends alone will be unable to achieve the global carbon emissions reductions necessary to avert catastrophic climate change. CCS is ... are also provided through 2037. What You’ll Get in This Report Global and Regional Markets for CCS Infrastructure and Equipment, 2008-2037 ...

August 2013 268 pages
Global Market for Incinerator Technologies US$ 3,960.00

... relevant to the industry. Report Methodology The information in Waste Incinerator Technologies Global Markets is based on data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, other ... regarding the near term and mid term future of this market. It pinpoints methods that current and prospective industry players can ...

March 2013 186 pages
Fuel Cell Technologies Worldwide US$ 3,960.00

... development cycles, combined with the growing acceptance of alternative energy technologies such as wind and solar. The high profile bankruptcy of several ... You’ll Get in This Report Through extensive research by SBI Energy, Fuel Cell Technologies Worldwide identifies current market drivers and trends, and ...

March 2013 238 pages
The Global Market for Commercial Generators US$ 3,960.00

... Cancer, classified diesel engine exhaust as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” The Global Market for Commercial Generators contains comprehensive historical data (2008-2012) ... around the globe. This report will help: Managers identify market opportunities and develop new designs for their products and ...

February 2013 178 pages
World Biofuels Market US$ 3,960.00

... quarter consisting of biodiesel sales. The U.S. and Brazil dominate the bioethanol market, with the two countries accounting for 85% of production and 82% of global ... both the comprehensive analysis and extensive data that World Biofuels Market offers. In addition, you’ll benefit from extensive data presented ...

February 2013 138 pages
LED and OLED Global Markets, 2nd Edition US$ 3,960.00

... government activities are discussed in detail. The report also profiles major manufacturers and marketers of LEDs and OLEDs and the strategies they have adopted to maximize growth and profitability. LEDs have been used in many industrial, business, and consumer applications for a number ...

January 2013 184 pages
Energy Efficiency Global Products and Services Markets US$ 3,960.00

The global energy efficiency (EE) market encompasses product and service markets that enable residential, commercial and industrial energy consumers to use less ... Energy estimates in 2012, the total global energy efficiency market totaled a hefty $595.45 billion. Although growth slipped a bit during the global ...

December 2012 208 pages
HVAC, 3rd Edition US$ 3,960.00

... Presidential election. SBI Energy, in its new report, HVAC 3rd Edition, finds that through 2015, HVAC manufacturing growth will remain relative flat ... growth through 2022. Market sizing focuses on the various segments of U.S. HVAC manufacturing, including: Heat transfer equipment (excluding room and unitary ...

November 2012 146 pages
The U.S. Road, Bridge & Tunnel Construction Market US$ 3,960.00

... trends have continued into 2012, although SBI Energy expects total road, bridge & tunnel market to be up 0.6% over 2011 to reach a total of $76.4 billion for ... construction The report also studies the key elements driving new road construction, analyzing local, state and federal financing strategies that ...

November 2012 134 pages
Global Market for Membrane Wastewater Treatment US$ 3,960.00

... governmental specialists in the membrane wastewater treatment market. What You’ll Get in This Report [to be updated as report nears completion] Membrane Wastewater Treatment Technologies, Global Markets makes important predictions and recommendations regarding the near and mid-term future of this market. ...

October 2012 183 pages
Global Markets for Natural Gas Vehicle Components US$ 3,960.00

... Methodology The data, assessments and analysis provided in Global Markets for Natural Gas Vehicle Components is based on primary and secondary research ... -specific components. Readers will benefit from extensive data, comprehensive market coverage and unique analysis, presented in easy-to-read and illustrative ...

October 2012 180 pages
The U.S. Steel Industry Outlook US$ 4,950.00

... industry is vital to the economic competitiveness of the United States. Steel serves as the backbone to automobiles, bridges, buildings, railroads, and machinery and is ... some corrective steps to revive the overall economy and infuse steel demand in different facets of manufacturing. Out of the more than $780 ...

August 2012 116 pages
The World Market for Bio-Based Chemicals, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... propylene glycol (PG), ECH and methanol. However, the success of these new market segments greatly depends on the continued availability of affordable glycerin. Lactic acid ... based chemical production at the end of the decade. The World Market for Bio-Based Chemicals, 2nd Edition by SBI Energy provides key ...

August 2012 146 pages
Paints and Coatings, U.S. Market 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... such as furniture, appliances and packaging finishes. SBI estimates the U.S. paints and coatings market in 2011 to be valued at $22.1 billion. Although growth from 2007 to 2011 was less than exciting, it is expected the market will benefit from the reviving U.S. economy, as well as a number of other ...

August 2012 125 pages
Personal Protective Equipment in the U.S. US$ 4,950.00

... report provides data on shipments, imports and exports for the personal protective equipment market and the four categories within the market. ... analysis. Report data were gathered from: Shipment statistics for personal protective equipment —reports published by the U.S. Census Bureau, including the Annual ...

July 2012 269 pages
Smart Appliances US$ 4,950.00

... to save energy or perform other functions. The growth and development of smart appliances represents a substantial component of the residential demand response capabilities ... . There are two main reasons why consumers will adopt smart appliances: either to gain an economic benefit from reduced energy costs ...

June 2012 141 pages
EVSE Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Market Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

... will be a cumulative 3.3 million charging points worldwide in 2016 and 16.9 million in 2021. EVSE sales will reach $3.4 billion by 2021, selling over 4.1 million charging ... having the fastest growth rate in the EVSE market over the next decade. Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Market Worldwide by SBI Energy ...

June 2012 136 pages
Enhanced Oil Recovery, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... did not encourage seemingly un-needed experimentation. This is quickly changing; however. Many oil fields in the Middle East are maturing and are producing less ... and Oman leading the way. The Global Market for Enhanced Oil Recovery, 2nd Edition contains comprehensive historical data (2007-2011) and forecast ...

June 2012 196 pages
Green Building Materials and Construction, 3rd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... gas emissions (GHG). In the United States, commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of GHG emissions. This is more than any other ... “greenconstruction market is growing. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the most recognized program for rating and certifying “greenbuildings ...

April 2012 189 pages
Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Worldwide: Production and Infrastructure Markets US$ 4,950.00

... regional and country basis between 2007 and 2021. Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Worldwide – Production and Infrastructure Markets is an informative and ... and forecast development and production CAPEX volumes for unconventional crude oil by country or region; historical and forecast infrastructure markets for well ...

April 2012 124 pages
World Smart Grid, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... , Europe, Australia, and other countries, the International Energy Agency, the United Nations, the World Bank, trade associations, business journals, company literature and websites, and interviews with experts in Smart Grid development including energy transmission and ...

April 2012 206 pages
Swimming Pool Equipment and Maintenance Products, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... variety of driving and inhibitory factors. The U.S. market for swimming pool equipment and maintenance products was valued at over $3.4 Billion in 2011. Although ... nearly doubled in value. Products associated with residential above-ground pools will likely experience the most growth, as these more economical ...

April 2012 152 pages
World Combined Heat & Power (CHP): Micro, Small and Large-Scale US$ 4,950.00

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems were responsible for just under 10% of global electrical power generation capacity in 2011. CHP is a set of ... have significantly bolstered the CHP market in the country. However, China’s power capacity growth is slowing, resulting in an essentially flat global CHP market ...

April 2012 176 pages
Adhesives and Sealants: Global Markets, 3rd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... several years of stagnant growth, the adhesives and sealants market is undergoing a period of recovery and rebirth. The global market is valued at nearly $22 billion in ... value of more than $10.1 billion in 2011 while natural base glues and adhesives growth has been flat since 2006 hovering at the $1.3 billion ...

April 2012 145 pages
Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Technologies Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

... by a lack of foreseeable near term technological maturity and competition from fuel cells, electric motors and batteries for transportation, and other ... that may be available to well-positioned start-ups. Fuel Efficient Internal Combustion Engine Global Markets contains comprehensive data on the worldwide ...

February 2012 224 pages
Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

... gas emissions and is increasingly being regulated and disincentivized. Further, clean and renewable energy sources are beginning to challenge conventional fossil ... consuming nation around the world. Global Clean Coal Technologies and Markets details the current and projected percentage of electricity generated ...

January 2012 242 pages
Residential Generators, 3rd Edition - U.S. Market and World Data US$ 4,950.00

... market volumes are provided globally, regionally and for key countries (United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and others). Key factors ... and owner demographics in the United States. Report Methodology The data, assessments and analysis provided in Residential Generator, 3rd Edition – U.S. and World ...

January 2012 195 pages
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) US$ 4,950.00

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) slipped from an all-time high in production of 885 GWh in 2008 to 862 GWh in 2009. New capacity becoming ... value is in parabolic trough technology. By 2015, that percentage is forecast to drop to 70% as power tower, also called central receiving station technology, becomes more ...

January 2012 240 pages
E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Services Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

... fumes from burning copper wire, have helped to incite an increase in e-waste regulations and enforcement and have spurred the persistence of environmental ... hindered growth for many involved in the industry. E-Waste Recycling and Reuse Services Worldwide contains comprehensive historical data (2006-2010 ...

December 2011 216 pages
Global Wind Turbine Market, 2nd Edition US$ 4,950.00

The global wind turbine market experienced its first decline in over five years in 2010, dropping 15.9% to $42.3 billion as the pace of turbine installations in ... continue through the next decade. The support or neglect of governments for wind energy is the main driver behind SBI Energy 's three different ...

November 2011 174 pages
Global Home Energy Management Systems Products Market US$ 4,950.00

Home energy management systems (HEMS) products are fostering an era of sustained household energy efficiency during a time when many countries are ... among competitive technology suppliers. The HEMS products development landscape, SBI Energy believes, will likely flourish through 2020 as many niche suppliers of ...

October 2011 148 pages
Global Solar Inverter Markets US$ 4,950.00

... is currently valued between $5.5- 5.8 Billion and we estimate the market to touch $7.5 Billion in 2015. This market research report also provides information on historical developments in PV inverter markets as well as on growth, size, volume of business and general trends in technological developments.

October 2011 170 pages
Shale Processing Equipment and Component Mfg Markets Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

... the upcoming years. But the potential for shale gas processing equipment and the components market is much greater. To keep up with the ... gas technology specialists to get insight in the latest advancements in natural gas processing The secondary research consisted of gathering data from government and ...

September 2011 184 pages
Thin Film Solar PV Manufacturing Equipment Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

Prices Single User PDF: US$ 4,950.00 Global Site License: US$ 6,200.00 Out of the over 38.2 gigawatts (GW) of production capacity added to the global solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing industry d...

July 2011 292 pages
High Temperature Energy Storage: NaS, NaMx and Molten Salt US$ 4,950.00

Prices Single User PDF: US$ 4,950.00 Global Site License: US$ 6,200.00 The World Market for High Temperature Energy Storage The $2.5 billion global high temperature energy storage (HTS) market of 20...

July 2011 179 pages
World Desalination Components and Technologies US$ 4,950.00

Prices Single User PDF: US$ 4,950.00 Global Site License: US$ 6,200.00 Desalination - also referred to as desalting, desalinisation or desalinization - is the process by which salt and other mineral...

July 2011 200 pages
Global Substation Automation Products Market, The US$ 4,950.00

Prices Single User PDF: US$ 4,950.00 Global Site License: US$ 6,200.00 Nations are prioritizing their efforts to revitalize their decaying electric infrastructure by focusing on much-needed upgrades...

June 2011 152 pages
Rare Earth Elements Markets Worldwide US$ 4,950.00

Prices Single User PDF: US$ 4,950.00 Global Site License: US$ 7,425.00 This research report presents an in-depth analysis of the production, market, development, applications, and trends for rare ea...

June 2011 172 pages
World's Nuclear Energy Technology Renaissance: A Market Analysis US$ 4,950.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License): US$ 7,425.00 The nuclear energy technology (NET) market re-emerging, and in fact has been aptly named by some as the Nuclear Technology Renaissance. Interest is...

May 2011 250 pages
Thermal and Digestion Waste-to-Energy Technologies Worldwide US$ 3,713.00

Each year the world generates more than 2.1 billion tons of waste, disposes of most of that waste it in landfills, and allows it to decay and release methane (a powerful greenhouse gas that drives cli...

March 2011 224 pages
Global Intelligent Transportation Systems Products Market US$ 4,950.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 7,425.00 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) enable vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message signs and other elements to become intelligent by embeddin...

February 2011 140 pages
Global Shale Gas Technologies and Markets US$ 4,950.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 7,425.00 Shale gas has the potential to dramatically impact global energy markets. It is assuming an increasingly significant role in global natural gas mar...

February 2011 172 pages
The World Market for Microgrids US$ 4,950.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 7,425.00 Microgrids, also referred to as minigrids, off-grids and remote electrification grids are a smaller version of the traditional electrical grid or t...

February 2011 158 pages
ARRA Energy Report Card: Two Years Later US$ 4,950.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 7,425.00 At $94.8 billion, clean energy investments account for the largest portion, 30 percent, of ARRA appropriations directed for innovative infrastructu...

January 2011 212 pages
Biorenewable Chemicals World Market US$ 4,800.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 6,200.00 Increasing environmental awareness on the part of product manufacturers and the desire to reduce dependency on oil are the leading drivers behind t...

December 2010 162 pages
Smart Grid Utility Data Market US$ 4,800.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 6,200.00 The volume of Smart Grid data that will have to be managed by utilities over the next few years is going to surge from 10,780 terabytes (TB) of new...

December 2010 142 pages
Specialty Pipelines for Renewable and Alternative Energy Substances US$ 4,800.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 6,200.00 The world is rushing to harness alternative and renewable energy sources, and global specialty pipeline infrastructure is jumping to keep up. SBI E...

December 2010 216 pages
Global Smart Grid-Enabling Products Market US$ 4,800.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 6,200.00 Countries upgrading their electricity Smart Grids face many challenges during the first few years. Besides securing capital investment and funding,...

November 2010 154 pages
Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial US$ 4,800.00

This research report concerning the Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial presents an in-depth analysis of the development, ... , and consumer and business demand for products that can clean indoor air, make living and working environments more comfortable, and make water ...

October 2010 226 pages
Algae Biofuels Production Technologies Worldwide US$ 4,800.00

ProdUnit Price (Global Site License) : US$ 6,200.00 Involvement in the algae biofuels industry shot up by companies 550% between 2005 and 2007, driven by environmental concerns and high crude oil pri...

August 2010 275 pages