Telecommunications Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Today’s telecommunications sector primarily encompasses Internet services, mobile (or wireless) communications, cable television systems, communication-satellite services and fiber-optic networking solutions. Telecommunications services are deemed as a vital means for any nation’s healthy social and economic development.

The world Telecommunications Industry is a giant and fast-evolving market. World telecommunications expenditure is projected to be estimated at over EUR 3.8 trillion by end-2013. Despite global financial turbulences, smartphones remain in high demand everywhere. Internet usage rises globally owing to enhanced access to fixed and wireless broadband networking solutions. Cell phone usage keeps soaring too, primarily driven by unheard-of progress in India as well as China. ATT, NTT, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, and Telefonica belong within the globe’s top telecom operators.

This Catalogue enjoys a broad set of research reports discussing the Telecommunications Market in the world’s different regions and major nations, covering the main segments (fixed-line, broadband and mobile) along with their sub-segments. Focusing on the hottest themes pertaining to the Telecommunications Market, the research reports feature actual industry trends, market risk factors and opportunities, telecom operators with their revenues, subscribers, technologies, etc. Telecommunications market forecasts are at hand in the research reports too.