Foraminifera Market Research was founded in 2010 and since then has been rapidly expanding its market advisory services to emerging and full-fledged companies in Nigeria. Located in Lagos, it delivers extensive research reports on Nigerian economy embracing such sectors as:
  • Telecommunication and media industry;
  • Construction engineering;
  • Tourism and travel;
  • Agriculture;
  • Pharma;
  • Consumption;
  • Refined oil specialities;
  • Oil and gas.
All-round support is rendered to regional businesses that intend to enter multiform economic sectors, pull in the slack and boost growth. Customer-focused reports ensure exclusive knowledge, offer creative business ideas and clear-cut revenue opportunities for the clients.

The investigation highlights necessary data and provides business description; SWOT and risks overview; planning; product analysis; technology and equipment surveys; financial ideas; management support, etc. Furthermore, Foraminifera encourages its customers with favourable forecasts, looks up longer-run partnership relations and provides ultimate market entry solutions.

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