Neodata Ltd

Neodata Limited is a British data agency providing market intelligence within various industrial sectors across the world. Neodata’s foundation has been stemmed from increased demand for better understanding of market participants and products, ensuring feasible growth plans and favourable business strategies.

Neodata is devoted to establishing extensive company database which is continually improved and extended. At present its resource has the following sections as:
  • Resource management;
  • Internet Business;
  • Commercial Banking;
  • Commodity Chemicals;
  • Management consulting.
Extensive and unparalleled knowledge can be obtained via these collections and wide-ranging reports that deliver transparent and penetrating insight on the industry, enterprise or manufacturer. Each report includes main info on: company name, address, country, website, telephone and contact names. Additionally, the summary of main industry, revenue, employees and company profile are enclosed in its contents.

Research Reports By Neodata Ltd

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