Healthcare Intelligence Network

Healthcare Intelligence Network specializes on medical advisory services for hospitals, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare systems and other consulting companies. Responding to every specific need of a client HIN’s experts conduct insightful analysis of healthcare market and latest medical technologies.

It is easy to access database containing ready-made projects, strategic information on the industry and leading healthcare trends which is on the Internet sites and is also delivered on various information carriers.

The company provides primary and secondary research, case-study, benchmarking expertise and customized solution packages covering inherent fields of medicine.

The scope of study encloses such key areas as:
  • Health system management;
  • Managed care;
  • Multidisciplinary clinical health care;
  • Health law;
  • Medical industry.
HIN regularly updates its public information source and keeps up-to-date with new medical trends and innovation technologies. Empowered with this advisory service the customers can successfully handle their business, search for new partners and improve their business performance.

Research Reports By Healthcare Intelligence Network

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