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Ian Youngman: Market Research Reports

A co-founder of The General Insurance Market Research Association, Ian Youngman carries out an independent research within a medical industry. He produces investigation for medical professionals, brokers, insurance companies, banks and property investors who can learn their opportunities and acquire authentic data on the sphere they are occupied in.

Vested interests can satisfy their needs with Youngman’s ad hoc researches along with media executives who publish his market and consulting reports. He has published a number of extensive reports on medical insurance and tourism covering the most urgent issues and offering global overview of healthcare industry.

Being a recognized specialist, Ian uses significant and reliable databases, employs primary and secondary sources from various expert teams and provides in-depth investigation. His reports include:

  • core economic and political information;
  • worldwide revenue study;
  • key market trends and emerging businesses examination;
  • health market’s growth prospects;
  • competitive landscape overview;
  • promotional advice;
  • investment outlook;
  • forecast and strategy planning; etc.

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Health and Wellness Tourism Global Potential 2019

US$ 1,710.00

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TOURISM GLOBAL POTENTIAL 2019 Health and Wellness Tourism Global Potential 2019 examines the potential of one of the fastest growing global tourism niches. This ... about the subject for 15 years. Report Summary Health and wellness tourism has been identified as one of the fastest growing ...

January 2019 390 pages

Medical Tourism Global Potential Facts and Figures 2019

US$ 1,678.00

Medical Tourism Global Potential Facts and Figures 2019 examines the global background and potential, for medical and health tourism in 165 countries. This is the most comprehensive report ...

January 2019 1300 pages

China Medical Tourism: massive inbound and outbound potential

US$ 969.00

... Traditional Chinese Medicine. Millions travel within China for treatment The government is promoting medical tourism in a special zone in Hainan. ... Key Topics Covered in the Report: Overview Potential Outbound numbers China's global position Inbound numbers China's ...

October 2018 30 pages

Dubai Medical Tourism: massive inbound potential

US$ 969.00

Inbound Dubai medical and wellness tourism is rising 350,000 people go to Dubai for medical treatment The government is promoting medical tourism in many ways Wellness tourism is next to be promoted Dubai Healthcare City is in phase ...

October 2018 30 pages

Medical Tourism - Top 25 Source Countries

US$ 192.00

... and potential opportunities for medical tourism by analysing outbound numbers by country, and revenue. Most medical tourism reports are out of ... Medical tourism numbers out Medical tourism outbound spending Where medical tourists go Why outbound medical tourists go abroad Health insurance and medical tourism ...

October 2018

Medical Tourism - Top 20 Global Destinations

US$ 192.00

... Health tourism Health tourism promotion Health tourism financial incentives and grants Medical tourism revenue Health tourism revenue Medical tourism revenue targets Domestic medical tourism Medical tourism regulation Medical tourism price regulation Medical tourism treatment ...

October 2018

Insurance in the Future: Labs, Sandboxes, Venture Funds, Strategic Investments and Start Up Accelerators

US$ 1,693.00

... change. Some insurers and regulators are using sandboxes, labs, start-up accelerators and strategic investments to seek future solutions to how insurance is done ... . This independent report is an overview of what insurers and regulators are doing to future proof insurance- written in a non-techie way by a ...

September 2018 250 pages

Peer2peer Insurance Global 2018

US$ 1,562.00

... -governing model, policyholders within the community collectively manage all insurance functions, such as setting policy rules, accepting new members, ... administration can be handled by software and smart contracts. Peer-to-Peer Insurance is accused of being just a modern take on the ancient principle of ...

June 2018 350 pages

Food Waste- a business opportunity

US$ 1,822.00

... collected hundreds of ways existing and new businesses can save and make money from food waste. Ten examples: Grape skins into drink ... for a new business It will lift you to see how a problem can be made into an opportunity Companies mentioned include: Approved Foods Cook Dash Water ...

March 2018

Insurance - UK and EU Passporting

US$ 1,800.00

... or planning to operate in the UK and Europe. UK regulators demand that every UK insurer now doing business in the EU/EFTA - whether by passport or local subsidiary ... - and every EU/EFTA insurer doing business in the UK on a passport or full basis -must show ...

February 2018

Peer-to-Peer Lending: UK

US$ 1,999.00

... , potential, problems, and complex regulation, as well as profiles of over 50 UK peer-to-peer lending platforms. Peer2peer lending is still new and often misunderstood. Regulators are looking ... fully authorised. Peer to peer lending will stimulate change and make business and personal lending quicker, simpler and more transparent. Peer-to- peer platforms offer a range ...

November 2016 300 pages

Medical Tourism – a brief guide

US$ 645.00

... models, products and the targeted consumer- and the business of medical tourism for those new to or thinking of entering the market. It offers background ... of medical tourism, this fills the need for an unbiased introduction to the business of medical tourism.” This is not a consumer guide, nor a how to guide, but an overview of medical tourism ...

July 2016 200 pages

National Health Systems 2016

US$ 1,154.00

... bringing in one or more of these- State health insurance. Compulsory health insurance using insurers. Compulsory travel health insurance for visitors. This report looks ... reports Medical tourism facts and figures 2016 International and expatriate healthcare and insurance 2016 Both reports will contain all of ...

February 2016

International and expatriate healthcare and insurance 2016

US$ 1,875.00

... to sell health insurance globally to locals and expatriates. To do so successfully companies need to understand how healthcare and health insurance works in each targeted country ... in who owns who, who is partnering with who and local healthcare/insurance offerings. Historic information is interesting, but as investment companies warn ...

December 2015 1500 pages

UK equity and revenue crowd funding-facts and figures 2015

US$ 1,250.00

... the world in ideas, diversity, and taking the concept to other countries. Crowd funding is an increasingly popular way of financing projects, business ideas, charity and ... service for individuals as ' not fit for purpose' -twice. Equity and revenue crowd funding in the UK is worth £ 90 million now and could ...

December 2014 250 pages

Central and South America- Health Insurance, Healthcare and Medical tourism 2014

US$ 1,280.00

Central and South America is an area with a high profile in healthcare, health insurance and medical tourism. Many insurers and the countries ... , while others promoted as market leaders, are going backwards. To understand both health insurance and medical tourism, it is vital to understand how state and ...

October 2014 130 pages

Equity and revenue crowd funding International regulation, platforms and markets 2014

US$ 1,680.00

... disrupts and changes the current financial models of investments. Equity crowd funding is a model that not only increases investments but also ... of potential investors from 2 million to over 50 million investors. Equity and revenue crowd funding are an increasingly popular way of financing projects, business ...

August 2014 300 pages

Targeting Medical Tourists from the UK 2014

US$ 1,370.00

... private healthcare. State and private insurance. Insurer and NHS attitude to medical tourism. How the EU cross-border directive works in the UK. Where ... and many other questions are answered in this new type of business report that is designed specifically for organizations targeting UK medical tourists

July 2014

Peer2peer Lending International Regulation, Platforms And Market 2014

US$ 1,712.00

... contributed to the success of an idea they believe in. A new report ʻPeer2peer lending-International regulation, platforms and market 2014 ʻ looks at what is happening. Author Ian Youngman comments, ʻ Much of what you see on peer to peer lending comes from advocates trying to make money out of this new ...

June 2014 250 pages

Peer2peer lending global facts and figures 2014

US$ 1,680.00

... models tend to overshadow debt models, better known as peer-to-peer lending, but it is equally important to small businesses, individuals and financial markets ... , first platform, other platforms, and failed platforms. Author of “Peer2peer lending global facts and figures 2014 “ Ian Youngman comments- “ Peer ...

May 2014 400 pages

How banks, professional investors and finance groups can make money from European peer-to-peer ending

US$ 1,640.00

... sector. The report offers an overview on market size, types of loans, how it works, benefits, problems, background, and future. Author Ian Youngman ... this is usually from a simplistic consumer view. What is missed is how important it is becoming to professional investors, banks and other finance groups – and ...

January 2014 350 pages