Life Sciences Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

“Life sciences” is a common name of a raft of sciences dealing with living organisms and various types of life processes. The life sciences industry can be divided into several sub-groups such as Biotech & Pharma, healthcare, medical devices, research and lab services. Pharmaceuticals form the largest market sector; its sales are predicted to override USD 1 trillion by 2015.

The life sciences market proved to be rather resistant to unfavorable economic conditions. It has experienced healthy growth over the recent years on the back of the population increase, ongoing technological advancements and rising awareness of healthcare. Drug discovery, medical equipment and regenerative medicine represent the most promising market sectors.

A wealthy collection of the research reports providing extensive overview of the life sciences market is at hand in this MarketPublishers’ catalogue. Current situation and historic development of the market are reviewed in the researches. The reports thoroughly examine market segments, disclose essential information on the market size and characterize the industry dynamics and identify major forces shaping the market. Moreover, the long-term and short-term future outlooks for the market can be found in the research reports.