Prosper Business Development

Prosper Business Development is a U.S. unrivalled provider of next-generation intelligence services. Resourceful data collected by Prosper is thoroughly analyzed and estimated by competent analysts. The agency renders its service via Smart Data Applications extensively used in the U.S. and internationally.

Smart Data Apps cover such areas as:
  • Retail
  • Medial
  • Mobile
  • Finance
  • Consumption
Apps data concept is to generalize the most relevant and well-becoming info which enables the clients make practical and specific decisions avoiding irrelevant information.

Prosper has introduced a customer-oriented portal™ to enlight the latest events at global markets, insights and consumers’ behaviors.™ is extremely essential for market players as it reflects consumption perceptions, choice and preferences.

With a message “To think several moves ahead” Prosper systematically renders practical solutions and development strategies either in favourable and peaceful situation or at most trying moments.

Research Reports By Prosper Business Development

Found 1 publication
Shopper Marketing Customer Profile US$ 1,450.00 Jan, 2011
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