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Since 1990, Inside Research has been delivering comprehensive insights into the market research (MR) business to its vast readership both across the United States of America and in over 33 countries in the world.

Formed by the leading MR authority, Jack Honomichl, and is written now every month by skilled and recognized experts, this confidential industry newsletter is a one-source, credible report on a diversity of industry affairs, including top industry news, trends, trends and industry growth indicators, M&As, legal news, worldwide press coverage, executive interviews, Conference Highlights, news about people in MR business, backlog issues, and more.

Inside Research’s band of market research and marketing specialists strives to exclusively embrace huge portions of information, distilled from multiple published and inside resources into exhaust thumbnail sketches that touch the bottom of the research industry’s main issues and white spaces – in tandem with their potential influence on the suppliers and buyers alike.

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