Food Service Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Food Service is an enormous industry encompassing numerous companies involved in the cooking, distribution, transportation and marketing of ready-to-eat food. The notion “food service” also stands for businesses engaged in the preparing and selling of food to hospitals, firms, schools and other organizations. The food service market is made up from fast food outlets, full-service restaurants, cafeterias, caterers and other food service facilities preparing, serving and selling food to people.

The level of consumers’ income, living standards, food prices, and energy and labor costs are the major forces influencing the world market which is expected to grow to over USD 991 billion by 2015. Restaurants and cafes possess the largest market shares, together accounting for above 50% of the overall market. The US is the industry country-level leader, while the Asia-Pacific holds a market share of nearly 42% and is poised to have the brightest growth opportunities in the upcoming years.

A huge collection of the research reports covering the food service market at various geographic levels is at hand in the MarketPublishers’ catalogue. The research studies dispose information on the market value, shape, main trends, and identify the forces driving and limiting the industry. The reports provide a clear picture of the market competition and point out top industry participants. In addition, future outlook for the food service market is presented in the research reports.

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