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Renovated from NanoMarkets in 2004 N-tech Research follows the tradition of offering extensive studies and overall analysis of advanced materials market. The company’s objective is to be up-to-date with essential business issues. The methodology lies in carrying out scientific research tracing the development of manufacturing enterprises, consumer demands and financial capabilities of the clients.

Comprehensive research reports are published to analyze new technology and market opportunities, industry value chains and provide strategic decisions. Syndicated and customized reports are offered by professional consultants who work with relevant data and produce its insightful interpretation. The consumers access ingenious expert views and advice on:
  • Product marketing;
  • Venture capital;
  • Emerging businesses and start-ups;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • B2B research;
  • Innovation management;
  • Strategic Planning.
All of above enable NanoMarkets specialists to identify best growth formula and offer feasible solutions.

The company covers such advanced material sectors as thin-film electronics, OLED displays, conductive inks, transparent conductors, renewable energy, printed electronics and other technologies.

Research Reports By n-tech Research

Found 144 publications
Smart Coatings Markets 2016-2025 US$ 5,495.00 May, 2016
Shape Memory Polymers 2016-2025 US$ 3,995.00 Apr, 2016
Markets for Metamaterials 2016-2023 US$ 3,995.00 Jan, 2016
Smart Textiles Markets 2016-2023 US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2015
BIPV Glass Markets 2015-2022 US$ 3,495.00 Nov, 2015
Smart Surfaces Markets 2015-2022 US$ 3,995.00 Mar, 2015
Powered Smart Card Markets 2015-2022 US$ 3,295.00 Dec, 2014
Transparent OLED Displays – 2014 US$ 1,995.00 Oct, 2014
OLED Automotive Lighting – 2014 US$ 1,995.00 Oct, 2014
OLED Materials Markets – 2014 US$ 3,295.00 Jun, 2014 198 pages
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