Media Company Research Reports

Companies in the Media (or ‘mass media’) industry are involved in multiple activities in the areas such as broadcast media (radio and TV), publishing (printing), recordings (audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc.), movies, digital media (the Net and cellular phones), and others, aimed at reaching the majority of mass audience.

The Media world witnessed formidable growth throughout the former ten years thanks to the technology breakthroughs in the broadcasting and printing sectors, evoked by the elevated significance of modifying media usage patterns. By end-2017, the market is anticipated to crawl to a world value of nearly EUR 958 billion. North America, steered by the U.S., is the globe’s largest, though a slow-growing, marketplace. The global media space is chaired by such giants as Comcast Corporation, Time Warner, News Corporation, Google, and Walt Disney.

This Catalogue embeds the research reports casting light on the opportunities and hardships facing Media Companies worldwide. The research reports discuss the companies’ geographical footprints; provide their competitive benchmarking, financial statements, SWOT analyses, products’ positioning, marketing tactics, and corporate strategies. Highlights of Media Companies’ income levels, ad spending, as well as of governmental incentives are featured in the research reports too.

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