Marketing Agency “Navigator”

Marketing Agency «Navigator» is a research and development provider rendering out-of-the-box business solutions to market players interested in Russian industry and economics. Award-winning strategies are elaborated and introduced by Navigator creative team of experts. Broad-ranging marketing ideas can be found in insightful reports providing such takeaways as:
  • key market participants;
  • supply and demand climate overview;
  • productive capacity survey;
  • industry analysis;
  • company portfolio;
  • market trends and drivers;
  • pricing analysis;
  • development outlook.
A range of industrial sectors under study includes:
  • Construction (turf, non-metallic products, gravel, etc.);
  • Timber industry (logging, forestry, timber trade);
  • Mining industry.
Consumers are offered to get any field-specific report analyzing particular products or branches across the Russian Federation. An experienced and qualified team of specialists renders high level of service and is concerned to make feasible decisions for your business.

The advisors highlight favourable prospects together with challenges and beneficial opportunities for those who endeavor to startup or promote business in Russia. Among other things Navigator forecasting is in-demand service for value-enhancing investments.

Research Reports By Marketing Agency “Navigator”

Found 1 publication
Gravel market of Karelia Republic (Russia) US$ 400.00 Aug, 2008 200 pages
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