Data Insight

Data Insight is a high profile provider of market intelligence and consultancy in Russia. It specializes in electronic commerce (EC) studies and delivers the data to federal and foreign companies. First-hand knowledge is offered on across the spectrum to make clients realize their business potential.

A professional team undertakes set up and analysis of website statistics, site tools checking and digital media coverage.

Nationwide, regional and global consumers are enabled to get current market news and high-standard research that pinpoint:
  • Major business participants;
  • The latest technologies;
  • Contemporary EC upgrades;
  • Customer segmentation data;
  • Market digital trends; etc.
Moreover, the company overviews price behavior, sales movement, heavyweight market players while exploring particular e-commerce field. Ad hoc scrutiny, product analysis and output enlargement are regularly followed up by qualified experts.

Due to its efficiency, objectivity and reliability Data Insight service is duly appreciated and recognized by the consumers.

Research Reports By Data Insight

Found 2 publications
Russian e-commerce Market 2010 US$ 3,000.00 Mar, 2011 96 pages
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