Software & Technology Services Company Research Reports

Companies involved in the software and technology services market provide their customers with such services as technical support, computer networking, systems administration, to name a few.

In 2010, the global software and technology services market outnumbered USD 2 trillion. The figure is forecast to be over USD 3 trillion by 2015 given the growing demand. Globally, the spending on IT services is estimated at over USD 3.5 trillion per year. India, the US, China, Israel are the leaders in exporting computer and technology services.

The Catalogue includes innumerable research reports dedicated to the software and technology services companies. Profiles of large-cap, middle- as well as small-sized companies are found in the reports. Financial data, information on marketing strategies, service offerings and most recent activities are contained in the research studies. Market overviews and analyses of the companies’ future prospects are on hand in the reports too.

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Google vs. Competitors: Commerce Market - Wallet Systems US$ 495.00

OVERVIEW: A battle is raging in the mobile commerce arena in the area of mobile payments.а Google is battling against others literally for (electronic) wallet ... indicates that mobile payments will remain a large portion of mobile commerce despite rapid growth of other areas such as mobile checkout, coupons, ...

Nov, 2012 18 pages
Google vs. Carriers: SWOT Analysis and Future of Telecom and Commerce US$ 1,995.00

... certain high revenue growth and profitable business opportunities that Google may assume in absence of credible competition. This report evaluates current ... more. This research includes SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for Google vs. the Carriers. This report is a must-read ...

Sep, 2012 100 pages
Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond US$ 1,995.00

... hand-held"? This research examines the prospects of wearable devices and solutions versus Augmented Reality held in the hand via a smartphone, tablet ... . While the report places a lot of attention upon Google's latest wearable Augmented Reality, it is important to note that AR solutions encompasses much more ...

Jul, 2012 146 pages
Technological Know-How of Leading Specialty Chemicals Companies US$ 1,850.00 US$ 1,572.50

For each company, the report analyzes: Internally developed and acquired specialty chemicals and related capabilities. Proprietary technologies and patent litigations. The companies analyzed in the report: AkzoNobel, BASF, Ciba, Clariant, Evonik, ICI, Monsanto, Rhodia, Rohm and Haas, Sherwin-Williams. ...

Jun, 2012 30 pages
Google Revenue Drivers: Current Status and Future Prospects US$ 495.00

... revenue and what are their prospects for the future? This research examines Google's current revenue generation position and evaluates what ... other entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted (positively or negatively) by Google Small Companies and Start-up's: Any small company or start-up that ...

Mar, 2012 14 pages
Company Report: Zensar Technologies US$ 500.00 Feb, 2012 11 pages
Microsoft Reliance on Facebook for Social Media: Analysis of Multiple Microsoft FB Sites US$ 495.00

... three million messages are sent. These statistics are not lost on Microsoft who, without their own social media/networking vehicle, relies ... and advertisers Social media/networking companies including Facebook, Google, and others Anyone interested in the "coopetition" between Microsoft, Facebook, and others ...

Feb, 2012 18 pages
Google Acquisitions: A Qualitative Analysis and Business Assessment US$ 495.00

... is making big bets in the areas of wireless handsets and applications. This research provides a qualitative examination behind the series of Google's corporate acquisitions, highlighted by Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility. In this report, we evaluate the vision and potential for Google acquisitions. ...

Jan, 2012 15 pages
Google vs. Incumbent Service Providers US$ 495.00

... in terms of speed and impact, forcing changes in the ecosystem including the need for incumbents to make some difficult decisions in terms of their ... an evaluation of the competition between incumbent service providers and Google, including an analysis of Google Voice, Google Voice competitor Ring Central, and ...

Jan, 2012 29 pages
Google Acquisitions and Strategy US$ 995.00

... media, commerce, wireless/mobile, cloud business, and many more. This research evaluates Google's acquisition history including new business models introduced by these acquisitions. The report also analyzes Google's acquisitions strategy, type of companies Google need, and why they are needed ...

Dec, 2011 70 pages
Google Update Autumn 2011 US$ 995.00

... and potential mergers and acquisitions, and more. In this Google Update (Autumn 2011 Edition), we focus on a variety of news items and some ... entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted (positively or negatively) by Google Small Companies and Start-up's : Any small company or start-up that has ...

Nov, 2011 63 pages
Google Update Summer 2011 US$ 495.00 Aug, 2011 46 pages
Google + Social Commerce: Evaluating Opportunities and Business Issues US$ 495.00

... more far reaching implications including taking on Facebook in their core areas. As the service matures, and Google integrates with other offerings, we see this offering becoming a bridge to enable social commerce. Report Benefits: Understand capabilities and features of Google ...

Sep, 2011 19 pages
The Impact of Google on NGN OSS/BSS Solutions US$ 495.00

... for NGN OSS/BSS, specific areas impacted, and the anticipated impact and actions incumbent operators must take in response to the threat of Google and the opportunity of creating a more open service creation and operational environment. The report also includes a ...

Jun, 2011 20 pages
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