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Future Markets, Inc.: Market Research Reports

Future Markets Inc. is a leading technology advisory firm, specializing in commercialization and development of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. The company has a large customer base including various businesses, governmental and private institutions, investors, etc. Future Markets creates and publishes reports covering a whale of technology sectors and providing unrivalled business intelligence and unique strategic consultancy.

Future Markets Inc. possesses a huge collection of ready-made reports as well as offers custom-made reports shedding light on different aspects of nanotechnolody and thoroughly describing current and emerging trends on the global/regional arena. Company’s research reports contain technology advice concerning the major burning issues related to extensive range of markets, for instance, Plastics & Polymers, Surfaces & Coatings, Chemicals & Materials, Energy & Cleantech, and a far more.

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The Global Market for Micro- and Nanocellulose 2024-2034

US$ 1,352.00

Cellulose is renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and the most important and naturally abundant organic biopolymer in the biosphere. It is the structural basis of plant cells produced from highly devel...

September 2023

The Global Market for Quantum Dots 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

The multi-billion dollar quantum dot-enabled TV market will experience further growth this year, with market innovations leading to enhanced products utilizing new configurations in displays, Micro-LE...

September 2023 300 pages

The Global Market for Metamaterials and Metasurfaces 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Metamaterials applications will represent a multi-billion dollar market within the next decade with product advances in radar and lidar for autonomous vehicles, telecommunications antenna, 6G networks...

September 2023 205 pages

The Global Market for Sodium-ion Batteries 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

The sodium-ion battery (SIB) market is rapidly gaining momentum as it promises to be a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The market is at an early-stage, but is...

September 2023 130 pages

The Global Market for Automotive Displays 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Automotive display technologies are becoming increasingly important in modern vehicles. They are the key interface for the interaction between the driver and the vehicle, and are also used for enterta...

September 2023 317 pages

The Global Market for Renewable and Sustainable Materials 2024-2034

US$ 2,115.00

The demand for renewable and sustainable alternatives to fossil-fuel based chemicals and materials is experiencing rapid growth. The use of renewable and sustainable materials in construction, the aut...

September 2023 2101 pages

The Global Electrical Muscle Stimulation Market 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

The global market for muscle stimulators has seen steady growth over the past decade driven by rising adoption of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimul...

September 2023 180 pages

The Global Market for Nanofibers 2024-2034

US$ 1,050.00

The Global Market for Nanofibers 2024-2034 analyzes the global nanofibers industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the market size, growth trends, key players, applications, technologies, and r...

September 2023 146 pages

The Global Market for Green and Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

The electronics industry has witnessed massive growth over the past few decades, with electronic devices becoming an integral part of modern life. However, this growth has also led to significant envi...

September 2023

The Global Market for Phase Change Materials 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are thermal compounds that absorb and release thermal energy during phase transitions between solid and liquid. This allows effective thermal storage and temperature regu...

September 2023 150 pages

Iontronics: Market assessment

US$ 400.00

Iontronics is an emerging technology that utilizes ionic rather than electronic conduction to achieve efficient solid state devices. The field has has potential for enabling compact neuromorphic archi...

September 2023 66 pages

The Global Market for Quantum Technologies 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

The global quantum technologies market is an emerging industry with the potential to revolutionize computing, cryptography, sensing, imaging, and communications. Billions of dollars have been invested...

September 2023 405 pages

The Global Market for Natural Fiber Plastics 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Natural fibers can be blended with plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, polylactic acid etc. to make fiber-reinforced plastics composites. Main techniques employed include injection mouldin...

August 2023 191 pages

The Global Market for Green Steel 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

Steel is the most commonly used metal globally. There is a high environmental cost associated with traditional steelmaking, with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from steelmaking account for an estimate...

August 2023 128 pages

The Global Market for Bio-PET 2024-2034

US$ 900.00

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic material used for bottles, films and textile fibres. PET belongs to the polyester group. It consists of 70 percent terephthalic acid and 30 percent...

August 2023 106 pages

The Global Market for Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) 2024-2034

US$ 1,050.00

... . Report contents include: Properties of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Applications of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Addressable markets for Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) roadmap. Production and ...

August 2023 110 pages

The Global Market for Radiation Detection Equipment and Materials 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

The radiation detection equipment market is an essential part of various industries, including medical imaging, nuclear power, manufacturing, security, and environmental monitoring. The main objective...

August 2023 105 pages

The Global Market for Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coatings 2024-2034

US$ 1,150.00

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coatings create hydrophobic surfaces that repel water but allow water vapor to pass through. Fluoropolymers like PTFE are the most common type of chemistry used for DWR c...

August 2023 197 pages

The Global Market for Solvometallurgy 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Solvometallurgy involves the use of solvents other than water for mineral processing and metal extraction. It can provide environmental and economic benefits compared to traditional processes like pyr...

August 2023 120 pages

The Global Mini- and Micro-LED Displays Market 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Mini- and Micro-LEDs are driving innovation in the global display market., offering superior performance, energy efficiency and visual quality compared to other display tech. Micro-LEDs are less than...

August 2023 252 pages

The Global Crucibles Market 2024-2034

US$ 1,145.00

Crucibles are versatile, high-temperature containers utilized in applications ranging from metallurgy to chemistry laboratories. Their refractory properties allow them to withstand heat needed for mel...

August 2023 101 pages

The Global Market for Aerogels 2024-2034

US$ 1,150.00

Aerogels are lightweight, nanostructured porous materials derived from gel in which the liquid component is replaced with air. They exhibit properties like low thermal conductivity, low density, high...

August 2023 205 pages

The Global Market for Solid-State Coolers 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Effective thermal management is critical across many industries dealing with high heat loads including electronics, automotive, aerospace, power generation, and directed energy systems. Conventional c...

August 2023 135 pages

The Global Market for Thermal Management Materials and Systems 2024-2034

US$ 1,550.00

Effective thermal management is critical across industries from microelectronics to electric vehicles to aerospace systems. With increasing power densities and decreasing form factors, innovative mate...

August 2023 320 pages

The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

US$ 1,550.00

Agricultural Technology (AgriTech) utilizes advanced solutions, from genetic engineering to sensors and robotics, to improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in the agricultural sector. T...

August 2023 810 pages

The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

US$ 1,150.00

The unique attributes of green ammonia make it one of the most versatile options among emerging renewable fuels for application in diverse markets. Green ammonia could see exponential growth in the ne...

August 2023 114 pages

The Global Market for Green Hydrogen, Ammonia and Steel 2024-2034

US$ 1,900.00

Green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green steel markets are interconnected in the broader energy transition, supporting each other's growth in helping decarbonize heavy industry. Green hydrogen and amm...

August 2023 638 pages

The Global Market for Nanocoatings 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

Nanocoatings are thin film coatings ranging from a few nanometers to microns in thickness that leverage nanomaterials to enhance properties like corrosion resistance, wear resistance, conductivity, fl...

August 2023 814 pages

The Global Market for White Biotechnology 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

White biotechnology harnesses living cells collected from yeast, molds, microorganisms and plants, and enzymes to produce renewable fuels, chemicals, materials and medicines. It relies on principles o...

August 2023 410 pages

The Global Market for Biochemical Feedstocks and Intermediates 2024-2034

US$ 1,250.00

In the transition to a circular economy, chemicals and materials produced from biomass are playing a critical role. Biobased feedstocks and intermediates can be converted to a wide range of marketable...

August 2023 405 pages

The Global Market for Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) 2023-2033

US$ 975.00

The global market of carbon nanotubes is generally segmented by Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT), Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) and others (DWCNT, FWCNT). MWCNTs comprise the biggest sha...

July 2023

The Global Market for Biofuels 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

Biofuels are renewable transportation fuels derived from organic material including crops, agricultural residues, and waste. There has been a huge growth in the production and usage of biofuels as sub...

July 2023 401 pages

The Global Market for Thermal Interface Materials 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

The effective transfer/removal of heat from a semiconductor device is crucial to ensure reliable operation and to enhance the lifetime of these components. The development of high-power and high-frequ...

July 2023 208 pages

The Global Market for Biochar 2023-2033

US$ 1,050.00

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that is made from biomass feedstocks, such as forestry residues & agriculture. In recent years, biochar has attracted considerable attention due to its unique char...

July 2023 149 pages

The Global Market for Flexible and Printed Electronics 2023-2033

US$ 1,575.00

The electronics industry is moving towards the development of electronic devices with flexible, thin, and large-area form factors. Electronic devices that are fabricated on flexible substrates for app...

July 2023 1255 pages

The Global Market for Electron Microscopes (SEM, TEM, FIB-SEM, Cyro-TEM, Benchtop) 2023-2033

US$ 650.00

Future research and development needs are dependent upon the capacity of instrumentation to measure, sense, fabricate, and manipulate matter at the nanoscale. Electron microscopy has the advantage ove...

July 2023 70 pages

The Global Market for Scanning Probe Microscopes and AFM Probes 2023-2033

US$ 635.00

Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) provides a versatile tool for high-resolution imaging. It allows spatial features of materials which differ from the bulk by their magnetic, electronic, or other proper...

July 2023 105 pages

The Global Market for Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transport and Applications (Hydrogen Economy) 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

The Global Market for Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transport and Applications (Hydrogen Economy) 2023-2033 is an essential resource for anyone involved in the hydrogen, energy and sustainability indu...

July 2023 392 pages

The Global Market for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are commercially developed due to their high efficiencies in converting chemical energy to electricity as well as their flexibility in utilizing existing fuel infrastruc...

July 2023 157 pages

The Global Market for Specialty Steel 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

Specialty steels are value-added steel grades designed for specific properties like high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. Main segments include tool steel, stainless steel, electr...

July 2023 110 pages

The Global Market for Carbon Nanotubes 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

... carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) has been initiated, promising new market opportunities in transparent conductive films, transistors, sensors and memory devices. Report contents: Global ... revenues, pricing, most likely applications and market challenges. Market analysis-Carbon nanotubes in: 3D printing. Adhesives. ...

June 2023 414 pages

The Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Global Market Report 2023

US$ 2,500.00

Nanotechnology is no longer a novel, emerging field. Nanotech-based devices & processes and engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) have been incorporated in products across all major markets. Nanomaterials a...

June 2023 1146 pages

The Global Graphene Market Report 2023

US$ 1,000.00

The market for graphene has grown hugely in the past decade, with numerous products now on the market and more to come as graphene producers record steadily increasing revenues and OEMs witnessing sig...

June 2023 760 pages

The Global Market for Bio-based and Sustainable Packaging 2023-2033

US$ 1,500.00

Environmental and consumer concerns have resulted in the development of bio-based and sustainable materials as alternatives to petrochemicals for packaging applications. Bio-based packaging materials...

June 2023 456 pages

The Global Market for Bio-based Coatings 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

The most widely used commercial coatings are based on petroleum derivatives (resins, solvents). Due to consumer and environmental concerns, coupled with regulation, manufacturers and formulators are d...

June 2023 288 pages

The Global Market for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) 2023-2040

US$ 1,250.00

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) refers to technologies that capture CO2 emissions and use or store them, leading to permanent sequestration. CCUS technologies capture carbon dioxide em...

June 2023 435 pages

The Global Market for Green and Blue Hydrogen Technology and Production 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

The Global Market for Green and Blue Hydrogen Technology and Production 2023-2033 is an essential resource for anyone involved in the hydrogen, energy and sustainability industries. Hydrogen technolog...

June 2023 390 pages

The Global Market for Molded Fiber Packaging 2023-2033

US$ 950.00

In Europe, single-use plastic item bans and regulations have already been enacted or are being planned or considered, while similar bans or regulations have been implemented or planned in the rest of...

June 2023 123 pages

The Global Market for Direct Air Capture (DAC) 2023-2033

US$ 650.00

There is a growing market demand for clean technologies and products with reduced emissions. Direct Air Capture (DAC) is an emerging carbon dioxide removal strategy that uses advanced, mainly propriet...

June 2023 193 pages

The Global Market for Bioenergy 2023-2033

US$ 1,250.00

Bioenergy, a form of renewable energy derived from different sources of biomass, is viewed as a key pathway to net zero. Biomass is a promising alternative source for producing clean and sustainable e...

June 2023 430 pages