Goldense Group, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Goldense Group, Inc. (GGI) is a market research, consulting and education company serving high tech and manufacturing companies involved in the creation and commercialisation of products. The firm focuses on process enhancement and technology integration between product strategy, R&D, design engineering, NPD, procurement, production, materials management, and commercialisation functions. Specialising in cutting-edge management practices implicates an on-going commitment to learn and be one jump ahead of clients’ needs. This is attained through their proprietary research, monthly survey of nearly one hundred trade publications and journals, leadership roles with trade associations and professional societies, participation in leading-edge conferences, and close cooperation with commercial, high-tech, and defense clients who take the lead in the industry.

GGI is also engaged in selling technical and business literature and multimedia products to the pertinent companies.

Research Reports By Goldense Group, Inc.

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