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WiseStrokes: Market Research Reports

WiseStrokes is an alliance of advisors and researchers specializing in Wireless Industry and servicing a wealth of mobile network operators and vendors. Unique knowledge provided by WiseStrokes is the result of great efforts in collecting and analyzing data obtained from reliable sources and competent associates. The team is committed to provide tangible results and first-rate expertize to the customers within the investigated sector.

WiseStrokes considers imperative to ensure perfect market intelligence delivery to the clients along with wide coverage of topics and products. Market research reports offer premium data and are comprised of:

  • Competitive Landscape analysis
  • Trends overview
  • Pricing strategies
  • Innovative equipment and new app’s analysis
  • Equipment or service suppliers
  • Forecasts, etc.

Constantly broadening its client base WiseStrokes builds relationships on the trust-based grounds and prospects for long-term cooperation. Thus, the research or personified expertize is either just-in-time and meeting the demand.

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Worldwide Telecoms & OTT Players Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Market Forecast 2022 - 2030 US$ 2,995.00

This research report has looked at more than 55 Leading Telcos, OTT Players and AI Companies summarizing in great detail how Telcos, OTT Players and AI Companies have converged to monetize and at the...

February 2022 115 pages
Global Telcos Bundling & Combo Plans Strategies 2021: Innovative Converged Offerings in 5g Era US$ 2,995.00

This research report has covered in-depth over 55 telcos and has summarized not only their bundling and converged plans strategy but has also looked at how some of these telcos have evolved in the Cov...

August 2021 209 pages
Global Telcos & OTT Players Cooperation Strategies 2021 - Business Models and Monetization US$ 2,995.00

This research report highlights the OTT boom & innovative strategies adopted by telcos to better manage their cooperation strategies with major OTT players globally, especially during the pandemic. Th...

April 2021 130 pages
5G Services in the COVID-19 Era – Country Outlook and Service Provider Strategies US$ 1,995.00

COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have far reaching impact on world economy and multiple industries. While the telecommunications sector is rather unscathed as of now, due to increasing demand and cons...

May 2020 100 pages
Global Telco Converged Plans & Bundles Insights 2019: A Look at Bundling Strategies from Around the World US$ 2,995.00

... at over 35 telcos and has summarized not only their bundling and converged plans strategy but has ... also looked at how some of these telcos have evolved ... enterprise side of things, and how some telcos create plans specifically for the business user. Other than ...

December 2018 140 pages
Global Telco Innovation Stars 2018: Bringing in a new era of telecoms services and revenue US$ 2,995.00

... 2022 at a global level along with a split for total revenue by data and voice revenues, also at a global level. Telco Innovation Scores - Quantifies ... the level of innovation for key telcos across the world, not only in the ...

October 2018 147 pages
Global Telco Response to OTT Disruption 2016-2020: A Guide to Navigating an Increasingly OTT Dominated World US$ 2,995.00

... services and strategies being pursued by carriers globally to fight off further disruption from OTT players on telco services. The report looks at a series of case ... implemented by OTT players and which business models are most popular when telcos and OTT players partner up. Key Features: An overview of the global OTT market ...

September 2016 131 pages
Global Telcos Multi-pronged Service Offerings in 2016 US$ 2,995.00

... infrastructure, by offering multi-play and bundled services. Also, the mobile customers are also being promoted fixed services as bundled services. This report Global Telcos Multi-pronged services offering in 2016‖ consists of 3 major sections namely Overview of Global ...

August 2016 126 pages
Global Telcos Innovative Service Offerings-2016 Enhancing Competitiveness to Facilitate Revenue Growth US$ 2,995.00

... services offered by select telcos in specific countries. Mobile Money – This section discusses about the mobile money offering by telcos. Other Innovative Services- This section discusses innovative service like flex-offerings ...

March 2016 124 pages
Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs in 2016: Building Relationships, Enhancing Competitivenes US$ 2,995.00

... dialog between the customers by offering them with meaningful contacts through their loyalty program offering and marketing communications. This report “Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs-Building Relationships, Enhancing Competitiveness” consists of 4 major sections namely Overview of Mobile Services- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally ...

January 2016 114 pages
Global Mobile Value Added Services 2015 - Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth US$ 2,995.00

Global Mobile Value Added Services 2015 - Mutual Synergies to drive Revenue Growth- report provides an overview of the popular MVAS services being offered by the telcos, the factors ... ” consists of 5 major sections namely Overview of Global Mobile Telephony Market- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally and on a regional basis, and also ...

October 2015 154 pages
Global M2M Competitive Landscape of Telecom Operators and Vendors in 2015 US$ 2,995.00

... M2M offerings in 2015 and drivers and challenges Contains inputs from more than leading 50 global mobile operators and vendors offering M2M services ... . Forecast estimations for M2M services on a regional and country wise basis of 2015 Summarized information of M2M contracts, partnership details, M2M product launch details ...

September 2015 131 pages
Global Mobile Money Services 2015 - Extending the banking capabilities to the unbanked globally US$ 2,995.00

... mobile money services, the evolving ecosystem of player and service delivery chain. It includes an overview of the current mobile money deployment trends globally ...

May 2015 128 pages
Global Submarine Cable Systems - Facilitating Carriers Meet the Data Transmission & Bandwidth Demand US$ 2,995.00

... global submarine cable network and also focuses on the analysis across key regions for these cable networks. It provides an overview of major submarine cable ... Introduction about Systems and Upgrade suppliers for submarine cable networks Details of more than 50 select submarine cable systems (including existing ...

March 2015 137 pages
Global Mobile Data Monetization and Pricing Strategies by Telcos - Analysis and Key Trends US$ 2,995.00

... hyper-competition for the voice services pricing. Mobile data services demand is expected to grow further globally driven by increased penetration in the emerging ... services. Various pricing plans being adopted by the telcos to drive the data monetization have also been discussed alongwith select examples and ...

December 2014 94 pages
WiseStrokes Market Research Report Subscription Package 2015 US$ 4,995.00

The WiseStrokes Market Research Report Subscription Package 2015 includes our premium research reports only and it ...

December 2014
Mobile VAS and Telcos - Global Synergies and Trends: 2012-2017 US$ 2,995.00

... Mobile Gaming, Mobile Video, Mobile Apps, Instant messaging, Social Networking, Mobile Money etc, are bound to emerge as additional service revenue areas to focus on by the telcos ... mobile VAS services which continue to gain popularity globally. It also includes finding on the trends of smartphones and Mobile ...

September 2014 205 pages
Global Impact of OTTs on Telcos & Forecast: 2010-2017 US$ 2,995.00

... to be dented owing to these OTT services, which primarily leverages the internet/mobile data network. These OTT services has impacted the network bandwidth ... , PCs, smartphones etc. This report on the OTT service providers provides an insight about the impact of OTT service on the revenues of the telcos. It also ...

August 2014 205 pages
Global Mobile Broadband Pricing Preview for Telcos US$ 2,995.00

... market pricing dynamics based on their pricing. The report “Global Mobile Broadband Pricing Preview for Telcos” in addition to providing the plan details focuses on comparison of the Mobile broadband data prices of select telecom operators globally in terms ...

January 2014 195 pages
New Age VAS Services for Global Telcos-Offerings and Forecast: 2013-2017 US$ 2,995.00

... mobile broadband connection is expected to reach 2.9 billion by 2015, being led by 3G services and its evolution. The total smartphone shipment, as a percentage of total ... most popular mobile OS in smartphone with 79% market share in Q2-2013. New Age VAS Services for Global Telcos Offerings and Forecast 2013 ...

October 2013 195 pages
Global Mobile Data Pricing Report US$ 1,995.00

... , where the subscriber additions is still witnessing growth and indirectly adding to the data user base. The Cost/GB, Annual Cost of the Package ( ... uptake, with highest number of fixed as well as mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. Broadband prices in emerging markets have dropped steeply over ...

December 2012
Global Mobile Games, Apps & Social Networking- Trends & Forecasts US$ 2,092.00

Overview The telecom operators are increasing dependent upon their Value Added Services (VAS) to offset the decline in revenue from their legacy voice services. The VAS services can be classified int...

September 2012 125 pages