LNGAnalysis is a pioneer in market research covering liquified natural gas industry. Its service is globally recognized and much sought after by international companies that require relevant and extensive analysis of the ongoing natural-gas liquefaction situation. The company accumulates the results of industry expertise and comprehensive data to provide breakthrough overview of the business environment and key participants in LNG production and distribution.

Experienced analysts write valuable reports providing assessment on market trends and issues. They use multiplex tools such as positioning maps, benchmarking and valuations across value chain to satisfy consumers’ needs and expectations to make well-targeted M&A decisions.

LNGAnalysis reports feature the following findings:
  • business scenario;
  • company profile;
  • key trends and participants;
  • potential investment opportunities;
  • pricing;
  • trade operations;
  • competitive intelligence;
  • strategic views.
Different LNG companies, investors, traders and service providers are engaged in strategy development, financial analysis and other front and center studies.

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