Polymers Market Research ReportsĀ & Industry Analysis

Polymers are either natural or synthetic chemical compounds, consisting of small simple units (monomers) linked together in one large molecule. Some polymers occurring naturally are silk, shellac, wool, cellulose, amber, etc. Man-made polymers include but are not limited to neoprene, silicone, nylon, polypropylene, polystyrene and bakelite. Depending on the structure, polymers are divided into: 3-dimensional, 2- dimensional and 1-dimensional network polymers.

In 2011, the revenues of the polymers market were estimated at over USD 452 billion. Nevertheless, the market still experiences the influence of the economic slump. The market is primarily driven by the enhancing demand for plastic products in developing countries. The overall polymers market is predicted to grow at a CARG of above 3.5 % to amount to USD 565 billion in 2017. The Asia-Pacific (ruled by China) is the most promising regional market.

The catalogue grants access to a collection of the research studies canvassing the polymers market. The reports uncover production/consumption figures, describe export/import flows and also disclose the key factors influencing the market. The researches analyze the competitive scene and indentify leading market players. Moreover, the research reports provide extensive overviews of the current state and historic background of the market, and discuss future market opportunities.

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