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Set up in 2002, La Merie Publishing is an authoritative supplier of the cutting-edge information on the biopharmaceutical industry, with a special focus on the research and development pipeline and covering issues related to biologics, including peptides, antibodies, DNA, RNA, proteins and cell therapy.

The company’s service portfolio is represented by various formats and price levels, and includes Brief Reports, Full Reports and Competitor Analysis Reports. Competitor Analysis Reports present no frills, but accurate data on the pipeline of research and development projects for diseases, targets, companies and technologies. The data are fully referenced and delivered in a tabular format. Brief Reports covering Target Pipelines contain all-round assessments of both business and scientific perspectives of new targets. Full Reports present deep analyses of product portfolios, competitive landscape, R&D pipelines and discussions of the pipeline perspectives.

Research Reports By La Merie Publishing

Found 173 publications
Engineered TCR and CAR Immunotherapeutics 2015 US$ 2,630.00 Mar, 2015 201 pages
Competitor Analysis: Cancer Peptides US$ 500.00 Nov, 2014 99 pages
Competitor Analysis: Cardiometabolic Peptides US$ 500.00 Nov, 2014 77 pages
Competitor Analysis: Anti-Infective Peptides US$ 446.00 Oct, 2014 68 pages
Competitor Analysis: Cardiovascular Peptides US$ 383.00 Oct, 2014 59 pages
Competitor Analysis: Anti-Inflammatory Peptides US$ 319.00 Sep, 2014 44 pages
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