Since founded in 1999, ResearchInChina has become tremendously reputable within the market of providing China entrepreneurship intelligence. ReseachlnChina is occupied with delivering market solutions to international business investors. Instructive reports prepared by ResearchlnChina give an access to numerous studies on prospect and exposure of a chosen field of business running, strategy planning and investing environment, along with researches on demand and sales projection.

More than 500 international clients consume the agency’s meaningful advice and diverse services, among them are commercial firms, insurance companies, investment banks, funds, research foundations, manufacturers and many more other industrial and technology clients. 

ResearchlnChina working strategy is featured with a number of solid and trustworthy data sources, such as those from:
  • The Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting
  • China National Technical Import & Export Corporation
  • The National Bureau of Statistics
  • Chinese trading and industrial corporations
  • Independent experts and prosperous databases.
This allows ReseachlnChina to increase the merit and keep up on constituting high-quality researches.

Research Reports By ResearchInChina

Found 795 publications
China Blood Product Industry Report, 2016-2019 US$ 2,650.00 Mar, 2016 150 pages
China Silicon Carbide Industry Report, 2015-2019 US$ 1,800.00 Jan, 2016 86 pages
Global and China FPCB Industry Report, 2015 US$ 2,400.00 Jan, 2016 140 pages
China Heparin Industry Report, 2015-2018 US$ 2,250.00 Dec, 2015 101 pages
Global and China Forklift Industry Report, 2015-2017 US$ 2,500.00 Dec, 2015 138 pages
China EV Air-conditioner Industry Report, 2015-2018 US$ 1,900.00 Dec, 2015 85 pages
China Commercial Vehicle Industry Report, 2015-2018 US$ 2,200.00 Dec, 2015 106 pages
Global and China Antimony Industry Report, 2015 US$ 1,500.00 Nov, 2015 62 pages
Global and China Graphene Industry Report, 2015-2018 US$ 2,400.00 Nov, 2015 117 pages
China Motion Controller Industry Report, 2015-2017 US$ 1,700.00 Nov, 2015 69 pages
China Tire Curing Press Industry Report, 2015-2018 US$ 2,200.00 Oct, 2015 95 pages
China Medical Robot Industry Report, 2014-2018 US$ 1,700.00 Oct, 2015 68 pages
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