Hardware Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The category “Hardware” (also called computer hardware) is composed of computers (desktops or laptops), data storage devices (memory sticks, hard disks, etc.), as well as peripherals and other equipment (palmtop computers, organizers, calculators and satellite navigation systems, and far more). Also included are line adapters, servers, and routing devices, among others.

Despite the unpleasant surprises experienced during the recession, the global Hardware Market is presently on the road to a stabilization phase, with special hopes laid on the emerging world (mainly China and India), where demand is boosted by higher disposable income levels. In line with technology innovations, the global Hardware Market value is forecast to approach about USD 23 billion by end-2015. Personal computers form the Hardware Industry’s very promising as well as most gainful sector. Growth in the portable PCs segment is driven by major factors driving demand for portable PCs include mobility, outstanding performance, and the coming of tablet PCs.

The research reports embedded in this Catalogue examine the development of the Hardware Market in the entire world and in major geographies. The coverage of modern trends and statistical data, market size and share, segmentation, major burning topics in the Hardware marketplace, and much more is provided in the research reports. Forecasts, the competitive landscape in tandem with extensive company profiles are included in the researches too.

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