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Parks Associates: Market Research Reports

Parks Associates was founded in 1986 as a market research and consulting company to service diverse businesses from Fortune Global 500 to emerging companies.

Extensive research is carried out through qualitative and quantitative analysis of consumer groups, focus groups, secondary research together with trend expertize. Parks Associates offers market research reports, tailored and off-the-shelf reports that comprise feasible business solutions and strategic support.

Parks Associates disseminates intelligence via conferences, webcasts, seminars, workshops, presentations and online publications.

Multiple industries under studies are:

  • Digital Media and Connected Entertainment;
  • Home Networking and Security;
  • Internet and TV services;
  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Mobile Services.

Unparalleled reports are full-embracing publications conducted by proficient analysts who manage the whole process of investigation. Parks Associates pursuits such core interests as: market assessment, entry strategies, SWOT analysis, product and service competitiveness, trend monitoring, consumer research and many more.

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Breaking Smart Home Barriers: Why Consumer Don’t Buy US$ 4,000.00

Despite the proliferation of smart home devices and services, as well as escalating promotion, adoption of smart home products has remained flat in most product categories. Manufacturers and service p...

April 2021
Context is King: Smart Home Video and Audio Analytics US$ 4,000.00

Innovation in video and audio analytics is driving new applications and services like facial, emotional, gender, and object recognition, creating dramatic new capabilities to understand context and de...

April 2021
Evolution of Gaming: The State of Cloud Gaming US$ 4,000.00

An increasing number of companies and consumers in the video game sector have embraced the internet as a way to enable multiplayer connection, software distribution, and now cloud gaming. Cloud gaming...

April 2021
Fresh Air: Air Quality and Comfort in the Smart Home US$ 12,000.00

Opportunities to leverage smart technologies to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) are garnering attention from builders, property managers, and consumers alike. COVID-19 has further increased consumer...

April 2021
Modern Broadband: Shifting Landscape US$ 4,000.00

The residential broadband market has seen a number of developments over the past few years. Growth in the number of internet connected devices within households has strained home networks, increasing...

April 2021
Safe Space: Elevated Smart Home Use Cases during COVID-19 US$ 12,000.00

COVID-19 has caused a rise in consumer awareness and interest in a variety of smart home use cases, most notably those related to health and safety. This research examines aspects of home living that...

April 2021
Security Adjacencies: Building on Peace of Mind Value Props US$ 4,000.00

Security service providers have an opportunity to build on their core offering by cultivating peace-of-mind value propositions for lifestyle segment use cases. This report evaluates market potential f...

April 2021
Smart, Clean, Connected: The Future of Home Energy Management US$ 12,000.00

The smart home provides connectivity that allows consumers and energy service providers to understand and manage energy consumption throughout the home. As adoption of solar, storage, and electric veh...

April 2021
OTT Video Services: Trends and Competition US$ 4,000.00

The OTT video services market continues to evolve, with new, large, global services joining an already crowded market. Services are testing new business models, user experiences, and distribution opti...

January 2021
Pay TV: Perception , Adoption, and Retention US$ 12,000.00

In today’s highly competitive market, brand and service perception can significantly affect consumers’ selection of a provider and willingness to stay with that provider. This primary research examine...

January 2021
Quantified Consumer: Adoption and Perception of Broadband US$ 12,000.00

The demands on ISPs to deliver exceptional connectivity services to consumers and businesses have never been greater. Changing consumer lifestyle, work, and entertainment patterns in the wake of the C...

January 2021
Security Consumer Segments and Journeys US$ 12,000.00

Security solution providers must understand their customers and potential customers to develop appealing products and services and effective marketing messages. This research identifies security consu...

January 2021
Home Security: Market Sizing and Forecasts US$ 3,500.00

... security systems. We provide unit and revenue forecasts for each market segment as well as the total value of professional and fee-based self-monitoring security services. In addition, we forecast smart home ...

October 2019 29 pages
Trends in Smart Home Data Security and Privacy US$ 3,500.00

Connectivity in the home and the addition of connected devices continue to expand year-over-year, with consumers now owning an average of more than eight connected CE products in their home. The incre...

October 2019 82 pages
Enabling Independence: Connected Solutions for Seniors and Caregivers US$ 3,500.00

Over the next several decades, the number of Americans ages 65 and older will double to over 80 million by 2050. Three out of four consumers ages 40 and older expect to live in their own homes when th...

October 2019 22 pages
Onboarding and Technical Support for the Connected Home US$ 3,500.00

Consumer onboarding experience with connected home products and systems is critical to maximizing customer lifetime value, through its impact on factors like product return rates and brand loyalty. Th...

October 2019 40 pages
Video Piracy: Ecosystem, Risks, and Impact US$ 3,500.00

The evolution of video services has changed consumption patterns as well as the dynamics of content and service piracy. Credential sharing, app-based sharing, and illegal live streaming have ushered i...

October 2019 98 pages
Connected Living Outlook: Value Beyond Connectivity US$ 3,500.00

This report provides an assessment of key connected living innovations and trends developing globally. The report identifies key technologies enabling and driving adoption of connected products and ex...

July 2019 83 pages
Residential Security Dealers: Trends and Disruption US$ 3,500.00

A number of market developments and trends are impacting the security industry, leading to changes in business models and product offerings to better serve or appeal to the approximately 70% of househ...

July 2019 33 pages
Shifts in Video Distribution: Getting Content to Consumers US$ 3,500.00

... . This report explores the business of content distribution today and how the market is evolving in a rapidly changing digital media environment. It also ... alternatives for distribution among leading companies. This report provides a five-year forecast for household video consumption among broadband households ...

June 2019 59 pages
Smart Home Platforms for Health US$ 3,500.00

As changing demographics drive the market for independent living solutions, new solutions are entering the market to fulfil market demand. This report provides an overview of the competitive landscape of independent living and connected health platforms in the smart home.

March 2019 44 pages
Smart Home Adjacencies: Building the Ecosystem US$ 3,500.00

This report assesses how the smart home is expanding beyond lights, locks, and thermostats to include new products such as smart beds, mirrors, and appliances ... . It examines how these devices and appliances address additional pain points in the home and enhance ...

March 2019 51 pages
Opportunities for LPWAN in the Consumer IoT US$ 3,500.00

Low power wide area networks are enabling new applications and services. At the same time cost reductions make LPWAN a competitive solution for many existing ... report highlights the opportunities for LPWAN. Questions this report answers: What is LPWAN and why is it a potential networking option for consumer IoT ...

March 2019 87 pages
Battle for the Front Door: The Access Control Ecosystem US$ 3,500.00

The smart home starts at the front door – smart door locks, video doorbells, and garage doors are access-control devices that are foundational to smart home growth. The front door also represents the access point for a future ...

March 2019 53 pages
Strategies for Integrating Voice in the Smart Home US$ 3,500.00

... or application is complex. As major companies continue to create voice-enabled interfaces, product designers, developers, and manufacturers will be forced ... integrate voice and evaluates different strategies for implementation. This report includes a five-year forecast of voice technologies in the home.

December 2018 49 pages
Technology Convergence and the Smart Home US$ 3,500.00

... world moves toward singularity, the simultaneous improvement of technologies enabling the smart home is transforming products and services. This report reviews ... the evolution of technology across multiple dimensions, such as AI, ...

December 2018 50 pages
Augmented Reality: Innovations and Lifecycle US$ 3,500.00

Augmented reality (AR) has the great potential to revolutionize the way in ... current state of AR technologies and devices, with an emphasis on new innovations in the AR space that can help drive adoption. It includes a ... AR players, including Microsoft, Google, and Apple, as well as product lifecycle estimates.

December 2018 51 pages
Modern Broadband: Competition and Retention at Gigabit Speeds US$ 3,500.00

... gigabit-speed broadband services, pushing new fixed-line data offerings to data-hungry consumers. This report examines current competition in gigabit-speed ... to retain subscribers in the face of such high-speed competition. The report analyzes broadband churn and cord cutting, as well as reasons and likelihood ...

December 2018 59 pages
Virtual Reality: The Evolving Ecosystem US$ 3,500.00

Virtual reality is capturing the imaginations of consumers and the video industry regarding ... as a viable economy that allows profitability. This report examines the evolving ecosystem for VR, including content creation, distribution, and monetization and the ...

December 2018 67 pages
Race to Control the Smart Home Ecosystem: Attracting Partners US$ 3,500.00

... user experience. This report reviews the strategies of the major smart home platforms in the consumer electronics and security industries and ...

December 2018 61 pages
TV Services: Disruption by Virtual MVPDs US$ 3,500.00

... to streaming pay-TV service, which has evolved into the concept of “virtual MVPDs.” As the market becomes more crowded, virtual MVPDs must differentiate ... also compete with traditional pay-TV operators. This report identifies virtual MVPD deployment and growth strategies, identifies market differentiators, ...

September 2018 58 pages
Support Services for the Connected Home US$ 3,500.00

... connected home ecosystem continues to grow and the technical complexity of broadband households increase, the technical support needs of consumers change. This report examines consumer support ... details support service trends and forecasts the revenue opportunity for premium technical support services in the ...

September 2018 58 pages
Innovations in Authentication and Personalization Technologies US$ 3,500.00

New personal identification and authentication technologies have the potential to transform the way that entertainment ... facial characteristics. They also have the potential to support truly personalized entertainment experiences. This report explores such technologies’ readiness for ...

September 2018 51 pages
The Impact of AI on Consumer Entertainment US$ 3,500.00

... advantage. The report assesses the short- and long-term impact of AI on the entertainment industry and the future role of AI in user experience ...

September 2018 42 pages
OTT Video Services: Disruptive Globalization US$ 3,500.00

... of offering OTT video services across markets, content licensing, localization, platform considerations, and revenue opportunities. The report also includes a global forecast for OTT service subscriptions.

September 2018 49 pages
AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics in the Smart Home US$ 3,500.00

... Internet of Things will be derived from data. Data analytics firms across all vertical markets in the connected home are providing solutions to help companies ... extract value from data. This report highlights different approaches ...

September 2018 62 pages
Blockchain for the Connected Home and Entertainment US$ 3,500.00

... explores its viability and applications with the connected home ecosystem. It explores blockchain applications for smart home and connected entertainment use cases, including data security ... confidence in the IoT. The report also profiles companies investing in blockchain technologies and developed innovative ...

September 2018 58 pages
The Impact of DIY Solutions on the Residential Security Market US$ 3,500.00

... potential impact of various competing DIY solutions on the monitored security industry. The report surveys DIY solutions and provides profiles of key DIY and traditional solution players and a forecast of DIY security ...

June 2018 40 pages
The Impact of Voice Technologies on Consumer Entertainment US$ 3,500.00

... a focus on crossovers, enabling technologies, and new opportunities. It also includes five-year forecasts for smart speakers, voice-controlled smart TVs, and voice-controlled TV remotes in the U.S. market ...

June 2018 56 pages
The Future of Live Entertainment US$ 3,500.00

... capture a portion of live audience, and services like Facebook Live and Periscope have led the charge in live online video entertainment. This report explores ... the state of live broadcast video, including the renaissance in live video services ...

June 2018 68 pages
The Smart Home Purchase Process US$ 3,500.00

... entering the smart home market via multiple paths. This report documents the buyer journey, describing intentions for first product/system purchase, actual purchase behavior ...

June 2018 56 pages
The Impact of Voice on the Smart Home US$ 7,500.00

... be an essential part of the smart home of the future. Therefore, manufacturers and service providers must decide what voice-enabled use cases, products ... consumer benefit. This research quantifies the opportunity for voice integration and broader voice-enabled services for smart home products and services.

June 2018 57 pages
Interoperability and the Internet of Things US$ 3,500.00

... technologies, and ecosystems in the smart home industry. It provides an updated analysis on the role of interoperability in generating success for the smart home industry and ... offering robust interoperability across all devices. The report includes a five-year U.S. forecast for protocols by product category ...

March 2018 53 pages
Digital Natives: The Rise of Esports US$ 3,500.00

The esports industry has experienced increased attention as new non-endemic brands have become involved in the market beyond companies like game developers and video streaming platforms. Major players from multiple market sectors have invested in esports teams and brands including traditional sports entities ...

March 2018 42 pages
Global Connected Living Outlook: Expanding IoT Momentum US$ 3,500.00

... provides a big-picture assessment of the markets serving consumers’ connected lifestyle. It evaluates trends in service categories, including broadband, ... , digital content, residential security, and connected health and wellness, as well as connected home product categories, including home networks, ...

March 2018 74 pages
Home Energy Management: Road to Net Zero US$ 3,500.00

... construction to achieve zero net energy by 2020, creating market opportunities for home energy management solutions. This report outlines home energy management opportunities, including strategies for solar ... being made by builders and the tradeoffs associated with different energy-efficiency investments.

March 2018 48 pages
TV Services: Pay TV in a Data-Driven World US$ 3,500.00

... methods to leverage collected data to improve services and revenues is critical for the pay-TV industry. This report focuses on the impact of big data on the pay-TV industry, both ...

March 2018 48 pages
Home Security: Channel Insights US$ 3,500.00

... home security market continues to evolve, and interactive services give dealers additional value propositions. However, competitive pressure is intensifying from standalone device ... options, self-installed security systems, and market saturation at the ...

March 2018 29 pages
Smart TVs vs. Streaming Media Players: Winning Over Consumers US$ 3,500.00

Smart TVs and streaming media players provide similar streaming functionality, effectively competing for primary use as a consumer’s preferred interface to streamed content. However, each has unique strengths ...

March 2018 46 pages
Technology Needs of Today’s SMBs US$ 3,500.00

... of connected devices and cloud-based services and how they are enabling SMBs in new ways. The report identifies key vendors of these technologies and ... discusses partnerships and business models. It also includes ...

December 2017 42 pages