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Parks Associates was founded in 1986 as a market research and consulting company to service diverse businesses from Fortune Global 500 to emerging companies.

Extensive research is carried out through qualitative and quantitative analysis of consumer groups, focus groups, secondary research together with trend expertize. Parks Associates offers market research reports, tailored and off-the-shelf reports that comprise feasible business solutions and strategic support.

Parks Associates disseminates intelligence via conferences, webcasts, seminars, workshops, presentations and online publications.

Multiple industries under studies are:
  • Digital Media and Connected Entertainment;
  • Home Networking and Security;
  • Internet and TV services;
  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Mobile Services.
Unparalleled reports are full-embracing publications conducted by proficient analysts who manage the whole process of investigation. Parks Associates pursuits such core interests as: market assessment, entry strategies, SWOT analysis, product and service competitiveness, trend monitoring, consumer research and many more.

Research Reports By Parks Associates

Found 300 publications
Technology Convergence and the Smart Home US$ 3,500.00 Jan, 2019 50 pages
Strategies for Integrating Voice in the Smart Home US$ 3,500.00 Jan, 2019 49 pages
OTT Video Services: Disruptive Globalization US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2018 49 pages
Support Services for the Connected Home US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2018 58 pages
TV Services: Disruption by Virtual MVPDs US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2018 58 pages
Blockchain for the Connected Home and Entertainment US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2018 58 pages
The Impact of AI on Consumer Entertainment US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2018 42 pages
The Impact of Voice on the Smart Home US$ 7,500.00 Jul, 2018 57 pages
The Smart Home Purchase Process US$ 3,500.00 Jul, 2018 56 pages
The Future of Live Entertainment US$ 3,500.00 Jul, 2018 68 pages
Digital Natives: The Rise of Esports US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2018 42 pages
Interoperability and the Internet of Things US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2018 53 pages
Home Security: Channel Insights US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2018 29 pages
TV Services: Pay TV in a Data-Driven World US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2018 48 pages
Home Energy Management: Road to Net Zero US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2018 48 pages
Tech Support Landscape: U.S. Trends and Outlook US$ 3,500.00 Jan, 2018 60 pages
Technology Needs of Today’s SMBs US$ 3,500.00 Jan, 2018 42 pages
Pay TV, Passwords, and Privacy US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2017 42 pages
Evolution of Smart Home Products and Services US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2017 62 pages
Implications of IoT Data for Insurers US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2017 56 pages
Home Security: Market Sizing and Forecasts US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2017 32 pages
Modern Broadband: Impact of Wireless on Fixed-line US$ 3,500.00 Jul, 2017 50 pages
Competition in Residential Security US$ 3,500.00 Jul, 2017 44 pages
Mobile Data Services: Business Model Assessment US$ 3,500.00 Jul, 2017 55 pages
Smart Home-Utility Partnership Opportunities US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2017 44 pages
IoT Data: Securing the Connected Home US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2017 52 pages
Wi-Fi Hotspots: Global Outlook US$ 3,500.00 Apr, 2017 45 pages
On-Demand Care: The Patient Wants to See You Now US$ 6,500.00 Jan, 2017 57 pages
Video Consumption by Language Groups US$ 6,500.00 Jan, 2017 49 pages
TV Services: Changing the Channel Package US$ 3,500.00 Jan, 2017 54 pages
Mobile First: SoLoMo App Usage Trends US$ 6,500.00 Oct, 2016 64 pages
Transforming the Smart Home User Experience US$ 3,500.00 Oct, 2016 51 pages
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