Ventures Middle East LLC

Venture Middle East LLC exclusively practices the delivery of strategic enterprise assisting services across Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with a special emphasis on the region of Gulf Cooperation; Council (GCC).

A competent and skillful team of analysts, trained to identify key importance of every project proposed, uses best efforts to fulfil clients’ requirements. Company’s reports contain beneficial knowledge and ensure the following takeways:
  • Business planning support
  • New contracts and partnerships
  • Better understanding of market dynamics
  • Promotional strategies
  • Competitive growth drivers, etc.
High quality counseling and consulting services are offered in both B2C and B2B situations. The portfolio prepared by Venture Middle East LLC covers:
  • Appraisal asset and its evaluation
  • Market study (B2C)
  • Associated market strategy
  • Budget and human resource advising.
Due to its considerable experience and successful operating in private and public spheres the company has rapidly become remarkably favoured by the regional and international stakeholders.

Research Reports By Ventures Middle East LLC

Found 42 publications
GCC Construction Market Outlook – May 2016 US$ 2,500.00 May, 2016 56 pages
Kuwait Construction Industry 2014 US$ 650.00 Sep, 2014 42 pages
Kuwait Construction 2013 US$ 600.00 Aug, 2013 46 pages
UAE Construction Industry June 2013 US$ 800.00 Jun, 2013 56 pages
UAE Cement Report May 2013 US$ 650.00 May, 2013 24 pages
MEP Services Market in UAE Building Sector US$ 680.00 Apr, 2013 22 pages
GCC Oil and Gas Industry Overview-January 2013 US$ 1,200.00 Jan, 2013 56 pages
GCC Healthcare Industry Overview US$ 650.00 Mar, 2012 61 pages
GCC Power and Desalination Industry Overview US$ 1,500.00 Mar, 2012 72 pages
Libya Construction Industry 2012 US$ 800.00 Feb, 2012 48 pages
KSA Building Construction Industry US$ 500.00 Nov, 2011 45 pages
The Soaring Saudi Building Construction Industry US$ 500.00 Nov, 2010 44 pages
Saudi Arabia Retail Sector Overview - June 2010 US$ 650.00 Jun, 2010 68 pages
UAE Power & Water Industry Overview - May 2010 US$ 550.00 May, 2010 70 pages
GCC Oil & Gas Industry Overview - April 2010 US$ 650.00 Apr, 2010 93 pages
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