Schonfeld & Associates, Inc.

Formed in 1977, the US-based company, Schonfeld & Associates, Inc (SAI), is a successful developer and marketer of a variety of business research products and services.

The main areas of SAI’s expertise include advertising expenditure, RnD spending, corporate financial ratios, workforce productivity, financial baseline forecasts, and corporate credit worthiness.

The clients of the company are engaged in motley fields of activity, such as natural wealth and materials, chemicals, oil and gas, healthcare, finance services, consumer goods, electronics, computers and software, industrial equipment, transportation, travel and tourism, construction/building and real estate, telecommunications, retail and wholesale, and more.

The data-packed business research products and solutions offered by SAI are completely indispensible for managing staff seeking to be way ahead of the pack.

Research Reports By Schonfeld & Associates, Inc.

Found 10 publications
Advertising Ratios & Budgets US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 190 pages
Corporate Credit Outlook US$ 495.00 Jun, 2010 278 pages
U.S. Sourcebook of R & D Spenders US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 180 pages
IRS Corporate Financial Ratios US$ 225.00 Jun, 2010 300 pages
R&D Ratios & Budgets US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 190 pages
Workforce Growth Trends US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 590 pages
Advertising Growth Trends US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 240 pages
Workforce Ratios & Forecasts US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 250 pages
U.S. Sourcebook of Advertisers US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 230 pages
Research & Development Growth Trends US$ 395.00 Jun, 2010 280 pages
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