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MIReports Co., Limited is a Chinese market intelligence firm with the customer-oriented approach in providing consulting and data collecting services. With the headquarters in Beijing, MIreports Co. has subsidiaries in Japan, the United Kingdom, the US, and France with qualified market specialists and out of place global experts.

They provide enterprise managers, practitioners, investors and other customers with unique analytics and objective advisories on a professional level.

Principles of MIReports Co. are relevance, user-friendly support, and authenticity.

The key domains of the company are:
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • High-performance materials
  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Information medicine
Information collected from firsthand and third-party data sources turns into strong analytics due to solid industry experience, innovative approach, and unique research tools, the three pillars of MIReports Co. service. The company’s team consists of reputable and enthusiastic specialists capable to produce exclusive research findings, evaluate challenges and identify growth drivers based on the client’s business specificities.

A report answers these key questions:
  • Market segmentation
  • Commercial data
  • Major trends by type and application
  • Company opportunities
  • Competitor’s status and strengths
  • Product overview (sales, trade, revenues, pricing, market share)
  • forecasting
  • R&D data
  • company profile
  • key industry representatives
We can guide clients through the right business path with a wealth of market knowledge, insightful suggestions, and accurate statistics.

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