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Mind Commerce Publishing LLC: Market Research Reports

Mind Commerce is a digital technology and ICT strategy company that has focused exclusively on Information and Communications Technology for over twenty years. With deep roots within the ICT industry, we are well-connected and often called upon by clients to improve their understanding of current Technology, Media, and Telecom market challenges, future opportunities, and vision.

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Mobile Virtual Network Operator Strategy, Planning and Optimization

US$ 4,000.00

This research provides analysis of the global MVNO marketplace segmented by region and country including MVNO type, hosting network, services and business models. It provides an assessment of MVNO sup...

November 2022 672 pages

Communication Enabled Applications, Content, and Commerce: RCS, WebRTC, Telecom APIs and Data as a Service

US$ 3,500.00

This research provides an analysis of the communications enabled applications, content and commerce market. It includes evaluation of the RCS market including drivers, technical issues, forecasts and...

November 2022 746 pages

Industrial Cybersecurity Market 2022 – 2027

US$ 2,000.00

Industrial spending for cybersecurity products, managed services, and professional services will be substantial over the course of the next few years. Global spending on cybersecurity products and ser...

November 2022 137 pages

Global Mobile Virtual Network Operators 2022: MVNO Market by Country, Type, and Business Model

US$ 2,500.00

... MVNO makes a business agreement with the mobile network operator (infrastructure owner) and get access to the network services, which the MVNO ... global MVNO market players by country including the type of MVNO, the hosting network, the services, and the business model. Target Audience: MVNO start-ups MVNE/MVNO ...

October 2022 422 pages

Fleet Tracking, Satellite Services and Geo IoT Market 2022 – 2027

US$ 4,000.00

This research evaluates tracking technologies, solutions, and ecosystems including major players. The report assesses the impacts of various use cases and specific considerations in terms of asset tec...

October 2022 409 pages

Virtual Reality Market by Segment, Equipment, Applications and Solutions 2022 – 2027

US$ 2,500.00

Overview: This report assesses the virtual reality market including analysis of VR ecosystem and role of value chain partners, evaluation of VR intellectual property, and analysis of VR devices, apps,...

March 2022 149 pages

5G Market Intelligence Subscription Service

US$ 9,995.00

Overview: 5G Market Intelligence is an annual subscription that provides research, analysis, and advisory services that addresses a wide range of topics including technologies, solutions, services, ap...

March 2022 2000 pages

Cybersecurity Market Outlook and Forecasts 2022 – 2030

US$ 3,500.00

Overview: This report examines the global cybersecurity technology and solutions market while assessing the risks and security operation issues relative to current and anticipated cybersecurity techno...

March 2022 190 pages

Cloud Service Brokerage Market by Business Model, Platform Type, Deployment Type, Service Type and Industry Verticals 2022 – 2027

US$ 2,500.00

This cloud service brokerage market report provides an assessment for the CSB market, including segment definition, advantages/disadvantages, enabling technologies, business models and assessment of t...

March 2022 187 pages

Metaverse Infrastructure: AI, IoT, Digital Twins, Teleoperation and Data Management with support from 5G and Beyond

US$ 4,000.00

This research evaluates the technology and infrastructure supporting the evolving Metaverse, which Mind Commerce sees supporting a variety of applications and services including digital currency and a...

March 2022 1058 pages

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) Marketplace: IWMS Market by Platforms, Software, and Solutions 2021–2026

US$ 2,500.00

This report provides a multi-dimensional view of the IWMS market including analysis of software solutions and service providers, evaluation of key technologies, assessment of current market trends, an...

October 2021 127 pages

Leading 5G and Beyond Business Solutions Market: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Mission Critical Services, Private Networks, Public Safety, Robotics, Satellites, Smart Cities and Surveillance

US$ 6,000.00

Overview: This research provides the most comprehensive assessment of the market for 5G business solutions. Analysis includes connected and autonomous vehicles, mission critical networks, private netw...

September 2021 2781 pages

Smart Vehicle and City Integration Market by Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings 2021 – 2026

US$ 4,000.00

OVERVIEW: One of the key technology convergence areas for the 2020s is smart cities and intelligent vehicles including human-controlled connected cars and trucks as well as partially and fully auton...

September 2021 937 pages

Mission Critical Communications Market for Voice, Data, and M2M in Public Safety, Enterprise, Industrial and Government Sectors 2021 – 2028

US$ 3,500.00

OVERVIEW: The mission critical communications market is rapidly evolving as developing technologies provide solutions necessary to meet emerging demands for improved voice, data, and machine-oriente...

March 2021 302 pages

Satellite Services in 5G and Beyond 2021 – 2030

US$ 4,000.00

OVERVIEW: Satellite services provide coverage for business solutions that are often problematic and/or in remote areas such as mining operations, deep-water, and agriculture in third-world countries...

March 2021 389 pages

5G Network Densification Market by Location (Indoor & Outdoor), Spectrum Band, Small Cells and Carrier WiFi 2021 – 2026

US$ 2,500.00

OVERVIEW This 5G network densification report evaluates the market for small cells and WiFi to support cellular wireless communications. It provides market analysis and forecasts for the technologie...

March 2021 128 pages

IoT Data Management and Analytics Market by Technology, Infrastructure, Deployment Model (Cloud vs. Premise), Solutions, Applications and Services in Industry Verticals 2021 – 2026

US$ 2,500.00

... IoT Data as a Service (IoTDaaS) will reach $15B by 2021 Real-time IoT Data Analytics represents a substantial growth area IoT Data Management Support Software will be crucial for success Global data analytics in IoT ...

February 2021 207 pages

Personal Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Market by AI and Robot Type, Components, Devices and Solutions 2021 – 2026

US$ 2,500.00

... as the ageing population, personalization services trends, and robot mobility will drive growth in this industry segment. In addition, developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing support inclusion of these technologies with virtually every type of robot including general purpose bots ...

February 2021 126 pages

3D Printing Market by Printer Type, Materials, Software, Applications, Services and Solutions by Industry Vertical and Region 2021 – 2026

US$ 2,500.00

OVERVIEW This report provides multi-dimensional analysis of the 3D Printing market including hardware manufacturers, service providers, application providers, software providers, raw material provid...

February 2021 196 pages

Smart Buildings, Cities and Digital Twins Technology and Solutions 2021 - 2026

US$ 4,000.00

Overview: This research evaluates smart building technologies, players, and solutions. The report analyzes smart buildings challenges and opportunities, assesses market potential, and provides accomp...

February 2021 765 pages

Smart Machines in Enterprise, Industrial Automation, and IIoT by Technology, Product, Solution, and Industry Verticals 2021 - 2026

US$ 2,500.00

Overview: This report evaluates the smart machine market ecosystem including technology building blocks, leading company strategies, products and services. The report evaluates various smart machine...

February 2021 82 pages

Autonomous Vehicle Market by Autonomy Level, Powertrain Type, Components, and Supporting Technologies including 5G, AI, and Edge Computing 2021 - 2026

US$ 2,500.00

Overview: This report assesses the autonomous vehicle market including leading vendors, strategies, product and service offerings. The report evaluates autonomous vehicles by autonomy level, powertra...

February 2021 137 pages

Mobile Application Marketplace 2021: Market Analysis and Assessment of Future Outlook and Opportunities

US$ 2,000.00

Overview: This report provides a foundation for understanding the state of the market for mobile applications, leading players and strategies, ecosystem dynamics, and the future direction and opportu...

February 2021 189 pages

Automation and Robotics Market in Industrial, Enterprise, Military, and Consumer Segments by Type, Components, Hardware, Software, and Services 2021 - 2026

US$ 2,500.00

Overview: This report evaluates the global and regional robotics marketplace including the technologies, companies, and solutions for robots in the industrial, enterprise, military, and consumer segm...

February 2021 332 pages

Blockchain Technology Market by Use Case, Business Model, Solutions, Services and Applications in Industry Verticals 2021 – 2026

US$ 2,500.00

... . Report Benefits: Blockchain market forecasts 2017 to 2022 Understand Blockchain technology and solutions Identify emerging Blockchain use cases and opportunities Learn about how Blockchain will be used in different industries Identify opportunities for Blockchain ...

January 2021 166 pages

Digitizing Healthcare: Data, Diagnostics and Devices

US$ 1,000.00

Overview: This report provides an assessment of healthcare use cases and technology that will digitize patient healthcare. It includes analysis of how digital devices digitalize, transform and improv...

January 2021 63 pages

Smart City Technology Convergence: AI, Broadband Wireless (LTE, 5G and Beyond 5G), Data Analytics, Device Management, and IIoT Applications, Services, and Solutions for Smart Cities 2021 – 2026

US$ 5,000.00

Overview: Smart cities represent a combination of solutions deployed in an urban environment to transform the administration and support of living and working environments. Accordingly, Information a...

January 2021 947 pages

MVNO Business Plan with Financial Modeling Spreadsheet

US$ 1,995.00

... of MVNO is key to success. A critical aspect to the success of any MVNO is its wholesale negotiations with the host mobile network operator (MNO). Accordingly, the MVNO Business Plan includes Modeling and Negotiation Strategies for Contracting with ...

September 2020 187 pages

Voice over 5G (Vo5G) Market: 5G Voice support for Smart Phones, Wearable Technology, IoT, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Teleoperation 2018 – 2023

US$ 1,995.00

... impacts of the technology. Instead, the main value proposition will be Voice over 5G (Vo5G) embedded with many advanced applications and services including Unified ... of which currently rely upon WiFi. This report evaluates the Vo5G market including companies, technologies, strategies, and solutions. The report ...

July 2018 174 pages

Connected Home and Smart Appliances 2017 - 2022

US$ 2,995.00

... , actually engaging and fun as appliances also act as information and entertainment conduits by way of connected home solutions. In addition, major home appliances are increasingly becoming much ... (AI) overlay with virtually any application. This research assesses the Connected Home and Smart Appliance marketplace, including major industry players, and solutions. The ...

May 2017 214 pages

Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analytics and IoT: Market for Data Capture, Information and Decision Support Services 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... data Understand the AI in Big Data, Analytics, and IoT ecosystem and value chain Identify opportunities for AI in Analytics for IoT and other unstructured data Target Audience: Internet of Things companies Artificial Intelligence companies Big Data and analytics companies Robotics and automation ...

May 2017 264 pages

United States Enterprise Automation and Robotics: Market Analysis and Forecasts by Application 2017 - 2021

US$ 1,995.00

... enterprise robotics include Robotics as a Service, Cloud Robotics, and General Purpose Robotics. This research evaluates enterprise robotics in the United States ... Investment organizations Data management vendors Industrial automation companies Enterprise across all industry verticals Companies in Report: 2G ...

May 2017 81 pages

Cloud Robotics: Technologies, Leading Companies, Solutions, Market Outlook, and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... leading Cloud Robot type by revenue will be Bipedal (e.g. Humanoid Robots) at $365M by 2022 TARGET AUDIENCE: Cloud companies Robotics companies Investment organizations Data management vendors Industrial automation companies Consumer application companies ...

May 2017 204 pages

Connected Manufacturing Convergence: IIoT, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing 2017 - 2022

US$ 2,995.00

... , and solutions involved in next generation manufacturing. The report assesses the impact of IIoT, Data Analytics, and AI on manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. The report includes forecasts for each technology area as well as the global and regional outlook for manufacturing ...

May 2017 546 pages

Big Data, Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) in Public Transport and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

US$ 1,995.00

... happening that includes a few key technologies: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management (Big Data, Analytics, Visualization, etc.), Cloud Technologies, and IoT. Technology and market ... telecom and digital technologies. This report provides an in-depth assessment of Big Data, Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) in transportation market, including business models, market ...

May 2017 125 pages

Embedded Systems in IoT 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... of IoT, types of peripherals, and emerging tools to support processing of embedded systems in IoT. The report provides five year forecast for Embedded Systems in IoT for the period of 2017 – 2022 including regional segmentation by industry for embedded systems and ...

May 2017 114 pages

Smart Appliance Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 995.00

... instructions for operation. Smart appliances include thermostats, clothes washers, dryers, microwaves, hot water heaters, and refrigerators. Smart appliances rely upon various ... strategies and offerings. The report also provides extensive market projections with forecasts covering the period 2016 to 2021. ...

May 2017 70 pages

IoT in Smart Infrastructure, Cities, and Buildings: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... -added services are the fundamental goals of establishing Smart Infrastructure, Cities, and Buildings. Intelligent use of IoT technologies will be the key to continuous improvements in the ... with IoT technologies to establish and maintain Smart Infrastructure, Cities, and Buildings. The report includes an assessment of the key services required such as sensor networks, IoT ...

April 2017 98 pages

Telemedicine, Connected Health, and Mobile Healthcare Solutions, Services, and Devices: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

Telemedicine, Tele-health, M-Health and Connected Health are all terms that pertain to the use of telecommunications and ... Analytics. Connected health goes beyond healthcare services and administration, covering the entire value chain such as Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). Connected health business ...

April 2017 197 pages

Global Cybersecurity Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... to cybersecurity and hence innovative solutions as evaluated in the Mind Commerce report Artificial Intelligence in IoT Security and Fraud Prevention 2017 – 2022. Global Cybersecurity Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 – 2022 examines cybersecurity technology and solutions. The report assesses risks ...

April 2017 159 pages

IoT Market by Infrastructure (Platforms, Hardware, and Software), Applications in Industry Verticals, Devices, and Sensors 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... IoT components to IoT operations Forecasts for IoT solutions, devices, sensors and market dynamics by region Forecasts for global IoT solutions, apps, infrastructure ...

April 2017 98 pages

IoT Market in ASEAN Countries by Infrastructure (Platforms, Hardware, and Software) and Applications in Industry Verticals 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... of Things (IoT), particularly for Industrial IoT as ASEAN nations are an important group in the manufacturing vertical. Industry vertical coverage for each ASEAN country includes: Agriculture ... of overall IoT marketplace including drivers and opportunities. The report focuses primarily on assessing the market outlook and forecast for IoT in ASEAN countries for the ...

April 2017 282 pages

Enterprise and Industrial IoT Real-time Data 2017 – 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... OVERVIEW: Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Enterprise IoT deployments will generate a substantial amount of data, most of which will be of ... outlook as well as IIoT by industry vertical, software, hardware, and services as well as Global and Regional forecasts Real-time Data in Enterprise and IIoT 2017 – 2022 ...

April 2017 259 pages

Internet of Things (IoT) Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 995.00

... of Internet of Things (IoT) research, Mind Commerce provides IoT forecasts in the following areas: IoT Regional Forecasts IoT Infrastructure Forecasts IoT Market Opportunity Forecasts IoT in Industry Verticals Forecasts IoT Devices and Operating Systems Forecasts IoT Network, Systems, and Operations Forecasts Forecasts ...

April 2017

MEMS Marketplace: Components, Devices, Products, Applications and Industry Verticals 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... MEMS) represent tiny integrated devices or systems that combine mechanical and electrical components. MEMS consist of a central unit that ... evaluates the MEMS marketplace including ecosystem, players, products, and services. The report provides detailed forecasts of MEMS by function, device, application ...

April 2017 159 pages

Agriculture Software Solutions and Data Analytics 2017 - 2022

US$ 495.00

... commercial agriculture industry is one of the most data-driven markets. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technologies, data is becoming ... IoT in Agriculture: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022 This research evaluates the market opportunity for software solutions and data analytics in the agriculture vertical ...

April 2017 37 pages

Wireless Infrastructure Transformation: 5G and Mobile Edge Computing 2017 - 2025

US$ 1,995.00

... OVERVIEW: Fifth Generation (5G) cellular represents a gaming changing wireless infrastructure transformation for Communication Service Providers (CSP). Next generation equipment will ... Identify 5G investment targets and allocations TARGET AUDIENCE: Wireless service providers 5G infrastructure suppliers Wireless device manufacturers Big Data and analytics companies Internet ...

April 2017 441 pages

Industrial IoT Convergence: 5G, IIoT, 3D Printing, Big Data, and Streaming IoT Data Analytics 2017 - 2022

US$ 2,995.00

... industrial sector is rapidly integrating Internet of Things (IoT) with other key technologies including 3D Printing, Big Data and Streaming Analytics. This convergence will have a profound effect on industrial ...

April 2017 918 pages

Real-time IoT Data in Smart Cities, Buildings, and Homes 2017 - 2022

US$ 995.00

... safety services. In the case of all Smart City elements, there is underlying support from IoT Platforms and IoT Data Management and analytics to provide ... global market for IoT generated from Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert ...

April 2017 53 pages

IoT in Agriculture: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

US$ 1,995.00

... research assesses the technologies, companies, and solutions for IoT in agriculture. The report evaluates the overall marketplace and provides forecasts ... IoTAg market challenges and opportunities Identify opportunities to leverage IoTAg data and analytics Understand the future of agriculture automation ...

April 2017 124 pages