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In On Africa Group (Pty) Ltd: Market Research Reports

We are an Africa-focused market intelligence company with headquarters in South Africa. Over 10 years ago In On Africa Group (IOA) decided to collect a team of professionals able to raise the level of Africa’s overall performance on a global scale.

A tremendous number of specialists share their unique experiences with African public and governmental bodies. We are researchers, market analysts, strategic designers, social scientist, urban and rural planners and many other passionate experts who want to make Africa a continent with the thriving economy and attractive opportunities for global companies.

Our mission is to produce high-quality market research and share our industry-related knowledge about African businesses and markets with national and foreign investors.

We are committed to understand the needs of international and domestic clientele and deliver the best strategic solutions and comprehensive data about all spheres of African life. IOA provides statistical information, company portfolios, industry analysis, and overviews of most high potential regions. Our experts make surveys and produce insightful research findings across social economic, political and business sectors in African countries.

Public and private entities from inside and outside the continent will benefit first-class takeaways such as:

  • Informed decisions
  • Strategic solutions
  • Investment opportunities
  • Growth factors
  • Statistical data
  • International connections
  • Innovative solutions

We are proud of an extensive network of businesses, authorities and market players within the continent that was created after a decade of high efforts. With 30 countries in the network, we are able to produce the most accurate market research reports which contain:

  • Industry overview
  • Benchmarking expertize
  • Study of market segments, trends, and players
  • Commercial and financial data
  • Product description
  • Forecasting
  • The assessment of the investment environment
  • The overview of the current rivalry situation

IOA is a resourceful provider of reliable data, insightful business solutions and business analytics for national companies. IOA helps African clientele realize their potential and find the effective ways for sustainable development.

We believe that our services together with the strong cooperation of diverse African entities will turn the continent into a rapidly developing innovative hub and an attractive region for global investors.

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The Africa Country Benchmark Report

US$ 300.00

The Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) brings together and makes sense of a wide range of reputable African ... informed picture of each African country, region and the continent as a whole, identifying the true “benchmarks” of the continent. ACBR’s consolidation of such a broad array ...

September 2019 554 pages