Global and Russian companies working in the field of medical device are able to get competent support within this area from MDpro which is an excellent deliverer of management consulting services and market research. International enterprises intended to enter Russian medical device market are rendered with strategic and management advice by aspiring professionals. MDpro has tight cooperation with market players, manufacturers as well as public authorities eliciting the most relevant data, governmental regulations and advanced ideas. A considerable MDpro database contains information from authoritative resources such as healthcare statistics, companies' reports and other research agencies.

Efficient operation activity is impossible without the following takeaways solidly made by MDpro:
  • extensive market analysis;
  • product profiling;
  • consumption dynamics analysis;
  • key medical equipment suppliers and consumers;
  • alternative technologies study;
  • export-import overview;
  • business planning support; etc.
Customized research serves to beneficial strategies, successful investment prospects; efficient product launching or business growth.

Research Reports By MDpro

Found 5 publications
Russian Medical Device Market in 2014 US$ 1,600.00 May, 2015 92 pages
Russian Market of Bedside Monitors in 2012-2014 US$ 2,100.00 US$ 1,800.00 Nov, 2014 81 pages
Russian Medical Device Market in 2013 US$ 1,600.00 US$ 1,200.00 Aug, 2014 87 pages
Russian market of defibrillators in 2012-2014 US$ 2,100.00 US$ 1,800.00 Aug, 2014 84 pages
Russian Market of Artificial Lung Ventilation Devices in 2013-2014 US$ 2,100.00 US$ 1,800.00 Jul, 2014 68 pages
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