Geopolicity Inc.

A strategic advisory consultancy firm having the international reputation, Geopolicity Inc. is renowned for the delivery of economic and political intelligence as well as consultancy services to its clients from public and private sector. The company specializes in the research, analysis and examination of emerging economies, developing countries and countries in conflict.

Geopolicity Inc. is highly experienced in the evaluation and interpretation of politics related to the international business. The company’s team made up of leading economists, political intelligence and industry experts, and skilled researchers creates reports containing macro analyses (e.g. country economic diagnostic works) and micro level analysis (e.g. sector specific industry studies).

The firm partners with renowned publishers, suppliers of business data, experts in various business fields and government and executive branch officials.

Research Reports By Geopolicity Inc.

Found 3 publications
2013 Iraq Healthcare Sector Outlook US$ 999.00 Nov, 2012 30 pages
The Economics of Piracy US$ 500.00 Apr, 2011 27 pages
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