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Vistar Business Monitor (VBM) is a reputable group of experts that provides extensive data analytics related to Iranian economics, law, business and domestic markets.

In cooperation with outstanding research agencies, consultants and diverse marketing specialists, we consult everyone interested in the affairs of Iran.

The key domains of our service are business analytics and development, market research, legal counseling and periodical publications.

VBM’s major objectives are:
  • To generate unique and independent solutions
  • To provide exclusive market research
  • To evaluate a company’s potential
  • To design marketing strategies
  • To provide a stock market overview
  • To update customers on designated industries
  • To create feasibility reports
  • To review foreign and national legal affairs
Vistar Business Monitor publishes periodicals in English and Persian to enable a wider audience to obtain comprehensive market data and professional analytics.

Based on the qualitative and quantitative analysis and detailed account of the market environment, our reports include:
  • SWOT analysis
  • Industry overview
  • Industry value
  • Key trends
  • Competitive scenario
  • Political, financial, scientific, and economic industry news
  • Research and developments
  • Commercial data
  • Customer insights
  • Growth drivers
  • Forecast
Being well-versed in the specific aspects of the region, VBM uses unique methods and analytical procedures to fully canvass the business environment. Our experts are highly qualified in history, economics, business analytics, political science, finance, statistics and other disciplines so that to ensure an interdisciplinary approach in investigating the assigned task.

Our customers will be best informed about the latest news on various economic spheres of Iran. VBM will make your decision-making process productive and help you identify the right path to your business prosperity. We are best strategic engineers of your success on the Iranian market.

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