Quattro Business Consulting

Based in Istanbul, Turkey Quattro Business Consulting renders consulting services and customized reports embracing sectors of logistics, retail, telecommunications and healthcare via beginning-to-end research.

Making the best use of obtained data and research the reports feature:
  • strategic planning;
  • supply chain evaluation;
  • benchmarking;
  • perspective business solutions; etc.
Along with the Middle East corporations Quattro’s projects have been successfully used by clients from Russia and CIS region. With a focus on further advancement Quattro Business Consulting fosters the development of corporate performance, customer relationship management, business reengineering and customer segmentation. High-standard advisory is obtained in operational auditing, due diligence and project administration. Tailored support of Quattro is crucial for companies that aspire to start a new brand, discover improvement opportunities or boost production.

A responsive team of consultants caters the customers on the grounds of transparency, diligence and integrity. Quattro’s service is time and cost saving, aligned and efficient to top-level managers.

Research Reports By Quattro Business Consulting

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Turkish Logistics Industry Research 2011 US$ 6,800.00 Jul, 2011 105 pages
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