Junto Italy Srl

Junto Italy Srl is a company situated in Italy providing the clients from all spheres of financial and industrial environment with business information assistance by means of an upscale database of businesses and micro industries along with its own accessible scoring system. Such fundamental strategy contributes to create a strong market standing of each client’s firm within its micro industry and to guarantee company’s sustainability on today’s market.

Junto Italy Srl research reviews are easily accessible with all the multichannel devices connected to the web platform (among them are computers, tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc.) and include:
  • products and manufacturers overview;
  • financial ratios;
  • benchmarking;
  • competitive position analysis;
  • subsidiary companies and partnership survey;
  • management and strategy recommendations.
Nowadays within the country Junto covers about 16,000 enterprises that are engaged in 22 different manufacturing fields and 360 micro industries.

Research Reports By Junto Italy Srl

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