Ameria cjsc

Ameria Group’s consulting division, Ameria cjsc, was established in Armenia in 1998 to provide a full scope of professional financial research and advisory services to the public sector and the business world.

The company has generated a reliable reputation for its dedicated work toward creating a better future for its numerous clients. It has accumulated rich industry experience through the implementation of various projects, deep insights into the sectors demonstrating high growth potential as well as potentially lucrative opportunities to invest, as well as all-round consulting services to satisfy clients’ exclusive needs and desires and offer strategic and operational solutions. In addition, America tailours its profound expertise and knowledge to help customers adapt to rapidly evolving environment by delivering pertinent skills and innovations.

In the recent years, Ameria has also started to regularly publish unsolicited research studies on the nation’s economic sectors and their development trends. The topics examined include, among others, retail, health care and pharma, mining, energy, banking services, telecom, agribusiness, food processing, SME sector, and hospitality.

Research Reports By Ameria cjsc

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