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Founded in Armenia in 1998, Ameria Group’s consulting company offers a variety of efficient financial research to all sorts of consumers. Its continuous reputable work and responsible attitude any particular project aroused the interest of many commercial entities and public-sector companies.

The company is equally engaged in performing insights into high growth businesses and those that are prospectively profitable for investments.

Vast experience of Ameria in numerous economic fields is reflected in full-scale and multidisciplinary package proposal which meets diverse clients’ expectations and needs. The client is offered unique solution and operation strategies to make valid decisions and keep on the right track to business growth.

Ameria guides the customers into diverse business environment and empowers them with new opportunities and latest technologies, updated data and entry of new market competitors. Furthermore, its weighty advisory service and high proficiency helps business owners acquire applicable knowledge and rise to higher professional business level.

The company has recently initiated publishing voluntary research reports on national economic fields and new product segments entering the market. The sectors investigated are energy, mining, retailing, construction, hotel and catering business, pharmaceuticals, transportation, travel industry, finance, food and beverage manufactory and others.

Research Reports By Ameria cjsc

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