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Ameria cjsc: Market Research Reports

Founded in Armenia in 1998, Ameria Group’s consulting company offers a variety of efficient financial research to all sorts of consumers. Its continuous reputable work and responsible attitude any particular project aroused the interest of many commercial entities and public-sector companies.

The company is equally engaged in performing insights into high growth businesses and those that are prospectively profitable for investments.

Vast experience of Ameria in numerous economic fields is reflected in full-scale and multidisciplinary package proposal which meets diverse clients’ expectations and needs. The client is offered unique solution and operation strategies to make valid decisions and keep on the right track to business growth.

Ameria guides the customers into diverse business environment and empowers them with new opportunities and latest technologies, updated data and entry of new market competitors. Furthermore, its weighty advisory service and high proficiency helps business owners acquire applicable knowledge and rise to higher professional business level.

The company has recently initiated publishing voluntary research reports on national economic fields and new product segments entering the market. The sectors investigated are energy, mining, retailing, construction, hotel and catering business, pharmaceuticals, transportation, travel industry, finance, food and beverage manufactory and others.

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The Information and Telecommunication Sector in Armenia

US$ 2,000.00

Prioritizing ICT as an important driver of economic growth in Armenia, we have conducted this research to present the current state of the sector, pinpoint challenges, discuss competitiveness, busines...

March 2020 139 pages

Small and medium business in Armenia: current state, expectations, preferences and needs

US$ 1,500.00

This is the comprehensive research on SMEs in Armenia. The research is based on secondary and primary data. Primary data were collected during a survey of more than 1000 SMEs in Armenia (focus on SMEs...

October 2019 128 pages

Armenia 2019Q1- Macroeconomic quarterly review

US$ 1,200.00

Updates and expectations for economic policy of Armenia and of the region; In depth review of real sector in Armenia and its comparison to the region; Analysis ... of risks resulting from fluctuations in fiscal profile of Armenia; In-depth review of external sector and outlook into the future trends; ...

May 2019 28 pages

Oil products market of the Republic Of Armenia (2019)

US$ 2,400.00

... provides briewf overvirew of the market and regulations for petroleum products in Armenia. It includes market characteristics and foreign trade turnover by products and by countries in recent ...

April 2019 62 pages

Retail Trade in Armenia: FMCG Market

US$ 2,200.00

... . This report provides in-depth analysis, information and insights on FMCG retail trade sector in Armenia. The report is based on primary and secondary data. Primary ... and their assessment by customers Assess the volume and the structure of FMCG market in Yerevan Get insight into main shoppers’ base, their ...

April 2014 150 pages

Telecommunications Industry in Armenia: Current State, Challenges and Prospects

US$ 3,000.00

... Ameria’s Sectorial researches covering different economic industries in Armenia. Focus of the current research is Telecommunication industry. The research covers such sub ... services. The research findings provide insight into the current state in the industry, the developments over the recent years, analysis ...

February 2014 143 pages

Demographic Analysis of Armenia: 2013

US$ 2,300.00

... 2012. Definition of needs of population Segments and Clusters for financial products. Reasons to buy: Understand demographic, regional, behavioral and psychographic bases and peculiarities of population of Armenia Understand income group structure of households in 7 cities, get insights into segments ...

September 2013 89 pages

Marketing Communication Channels for Banking Products: Survey of Target Population

US$ 1,200.00

The purpose of this report is to present the results of the survey on Communication channels of population in selected cities of Armenia. The aim of the survey was to explore use preferences of communication channels of target population in 3 cities: Yerevan, Vanadzor and Stepanakert. The report presents main ...

September 2013 75 pages

Industrial Agriculture in Armenia: Development Trends

US$ 1,800.00

... ways? This research focused on the development trends of the Industrial Agriculture sector in Armenia, and in particular greenhouse farms, orcharding and fish- ... Assess the specifics of supply and demand in the given industries Forecast development and expansion opportunities Learn about the risks and ...

June 2013 145 pages

Quarterly Macroeconomic Overview of Armenian Economy

US$ 700.00

This is the independent report on Armenian economic situation which is published on a quarterly basis and presents. The report analyses recent macroeconomic indicators (GDP, Inflation, Public finance, external accounts), demographic trends and presents recent international rankings of Armenia (indicating ...

May 2013 24 pages

Most Important Global Factors to Armenian Economy

US$ 1,000.00

Main purpose of the brief resarech is to describe recent trends of macroeconomic developments in Armenia. reveal the main external factors influencing the Armenian Economy and the channels of influence and to check the hypotheses on influence of International prices of Copper, Oil, Gold and Wheat to the ...

January 2013 26 pages

Drinks and Beverages Sector in Armenia

US$ 800.00

... population. The report: The report gives an overview of the drinks and beverages sector in Armenia, particularly: Production volumes, and comparative analysis with ... framework of field regulation based on both legal and normative acts in Armenia The Research will enable the players evaluate the development ...

January 2013 49 pages

Food Processing Sector in Armenia

US$ 2,100.00

... by NACE rev.2). The report gives an overview of the food, beverages and tobacco sector in Armenia, particularly: Foodstuff production volumes, foreign trade ... deep knowledge of both macro and micro-economic situation in food processing industry in Armenia, Data will enable for more efficient management ...

January 2013 180 pages

Hospitality Industry Research: Tourism and Hotel Industry in Armenia

US$ 1,400.00

Ameria Management Advisory has implemented a broad research on tourism and hotel accommodation industry to estimate its conditions and development dynamics in Armenia. Whether your company is a big player in the tourism and hotel industry, an investor, researcher or just an interested party, the Hospitality ...

November 2012 60 pages

Retail Trade Sector in Armenia.Focus on FMCG Trade

US$ 1,200.00

... report provides in-depth analysis, information and insights on FMCG retail trade sector in Armenia based on 2012 indicators. The report is based on primary ... decision-makers including: Overall trends and developments in Armenian Retail trade sector comparison with peer countries Size and structure of FMCG ...

September 2012 94 pages