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Software Development Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Software development is a process of planning, designing and elaborating various software products intended for general use and some special purposes. It is the most dynamic as well as the most rapidly growing sector of the overall IT market.

Constantly rising demand for software supports the market. The market growth is principally driven by the emergence of new software delivery models, appearance of new mobile applications and ongoing development of technologies. Microsoft, Oracle, SAP AG, IBM, Symantec, Activision Blizzard, EMC Corporation and Ericsson are amid companies dominating the software development market.

This MarketPublishers’ catalogue contains a wealthy collection of research reports devoted to the analysis of the software development market at all geographical scales possible. The researches unveil relevant information on the market size, structure, shape and strategies; point out key factors influencing the industry. The reports study the competitive landscape in detail and identify the most prominent market players. Besides, future prospects for the industry are presented in the research reports.

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Development of Leading IC Brands in Smart Vehicle Applications (pre-order)

US$ 1,800.00

Due to growing maturity of IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and active safety technology such as advanced driver assistance systems, several leading IC brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Given the unique...

January 2021 23 pages

Development of JCET and Its Deployment Strategies (pre-order)

US$ 1,600.00

Since its acquisition of Singaporean STATS ChipPac in 2015, Chinese JCET (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology) has become the world’s third largest OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly...

January 2021 20 pages

Global and China Display Driver and Touch IC Industry Report, 2013-2014

US$ 2,500.00

Global and China Display Driver & Touch IC Industry Report, 2013-2014 involves the followings: 1. Introduction to Display Driver IC and Touch IC 2. Technology ... , Innolux, CPT, Hannstar, BOE and Tianma, etc. It is expected that 5%-10% of China’s mobile phone industry will be provided with On-cell Touch LCD. ...

April 2014 135 pages

Global and China Display Driver IC Industry Report, 2013

US$ 2,300.00

... and Korean companies are increasing LTPS capacity. Apple’s largest mobile phone display supplier and the global largest LTPS vendor Japan JDI put the world's ... of high-end models also prefer IN-CELL touch screen, which means Display Driver IC and Touch Controllers will be combined just like Apple's IPhone5S.

September 2013 118 pages

Agile and Lean Process Adoption for Software Development

US$ 1,895.00

License Price: US$ 2,490.00 Agile software development methodologies and processes are now found in the mainstream. However, the question of which particular process to adopt is still compl...

November 2010 16 pages

Mobile application developer survey: smartphone OS and runtime support

US$ 1,495.00

The iPhone’s iOS is the clear favorite smartphone platform for mobile application developers, according to Ovum’s first mobile application developer survey. But while all five major smartphone platfor...

August 2010 22 pages

Mobile application developer survey: network and channel requirements

US$ 895.00

Device vendors, Internet players, and mobile operators are all vying to be the development platform and distribution partner of choice for mobile application developers. Mobile operators, who have lon...

April 2010 14 pages

2009 Top Software Product Development and Engineering Outosurcing Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results

US$ 2,500.00

In 2009, the Black Book client industry user survey investigated the customer experience of 2,965 of the top PDO services-spending corporations and organizations globally.In order to rank the organiza...

November 2009 38 pages

IBM Rational Development Software Update November 2009

US$ 1,970.00

WinterGreen Research announces that its European Partner Bit Group has a new study on the future of The IBM Rational Software strategy. The study details how we are on the verge of a new technology i...

November 2009 34 pages

2009 Top IT Software Testing and Quality Assurance Outsourcing Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results

US$ 2,500.00

In 2009, the Black Book software testing and QA client industry user survey investigated over 800 contracts held by 2,400 of the top spending banking corporations and organizations globally.In order t...

October 2009 66 pages