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NNMT Advisor: Market Research Reports

NNMT ADVISOR is a unique provider of business and investment consultancy headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Professional experts and researchers headed by the founder of the agency Mr. Bien Ngoc Nguyen, offer unparalleled advisory services to those intending to enter national market or invest into the perspective businesses in Vietnam. NNMT ADVISOR’s reports can be extremely instructive to retailers, investors, suppliers, exporters and various researchers. An experienced team, selective methodology and insightful studies are factors to ensure credible and authentic data and powerful decisions for the clientele.

Brisk demand service is masterfully capable to:

  • navigate the consumers in Vietnamese marketplace;
  • provide historical insights;
  • clarify competitors’ stand;
  • elaborate winning strategies;
  • find long-term partnerships;
  • support start-ups;
  • make forecasts.

Investment environment is represented in tables of figures, various investment models and legal framework. NNMT ADVISOR’s reports contain such valuable information as company profiles, SWOT analysis, market entry and growth strategies.

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2015 Vietnam Retail with Forecasts Up to 2018 Market, Structure, S.W.O.T., Investment, Entry Strategies, Operations, and Key Players with Their Common Trading Terms

US$ 3,868.00

... Vietnam does not move step by step in retail development path. Instead, one could see Vietnam’s retail’s progress impressive and chaotic. Vietnam ... with insights and interpretations) but also interesting forecasts up to 2018 (with ...

May 2015 75 pages

2013 VIETNAM RETAIL - Market, Structure, SWOT, Investment, Entry Strategies, Operations, and Key Players

US$ 1,368.00

Despite the fact that the Vietnam’s economy has a slow growth within the past two years, the retail market keeps attracting global and ... the number of foreign brands been penetrating into the market. Market volume is estimated at US$ 123.8 billion by end of 2013. Numbers never tell lies. We are confident that ...

May 2013 52 pages

2013 Measuring Vietnam's Retail Industry

US$ 868.00

... that reports where market opportunities exist. A report of metrics of several major retailers such as Saigon Coop; A management case study for any stakeholders ... of up to 44 figures containing about 500 key metrics and indicators for Vietnam’s retail industry. We are confident that our endless efforts and ...

March 2013 30 pages

2013 Vietnam Telecommunications Services Report

US$ 2,688.00

... country since the 1975 reunification. WTO entry in 2007 let Vietnam further integrate into the world economy. We will examine GDP’s ... operation of universal telecommunications services fund. We will understand in depth the way the telecommunications market has been developed in Vietnam. It is a painful process ...

January 2013 75 pages

2013 Vietnam IT Report

US$ 2,688.00

... Gemtek Technology have increased their commitment and investment in Vietnam. Despite the fact that Vietnam has faced global economic downturn and ... fundamental and promotion ones. We can investigate the national strategy of Vietnam on ICT development. To move on we can build our understandings about industry ...

January 2013 85 pages

Vietnam Information Technology Profile

US$ 3,368.00

The Vietnamese IT industry’s average revenue growth during 2001-2009 marked 20%-25% per year. By end of 2010 revenues of the software industry and digital content industry reached USD 2 billion. The h...

April 2012 82 pages

M&A in the Vietnamese Telecom Industry: EVN Telecom - Viettel Deal Report

US$ 1,068.00

Executive summary You are going to read a strategic investment report, the first one in the Vietnamese mobile telecommunications industry. The report not only provides you with background of deal par...

February 2012 30 pages

Vietnam Telecommunications Services Market Report up to 2011 and Beyond

US$ 3,368.00

2011 was indeed a year of lots of fundamental changes. The ruling Communist Party of Vietnam has organized its national meeting in early 2011 and prepared for the election of a new National Assmebly i...

February 2012 86 pages

Viettel Group Report: Decoding a Rare Success Among Vietnamese Enterprises

US$ 1,998.00

The Economist Intelligence Unit in a recent report has stated: “Vietnam's reputation as one of the most vibrant emerging markets is quickly being undermined by macroeconomic instability and serious fi...

May 2011 53 pages

Vietnam Telecommunications Services Market Report Quarterly Updates (Quarter One - 2011)

US$ 995.00

Readers have studied the Vietnamese telecommunications industry in most careful consideration in our annual report. The annual report did a good job providing details on legal basis, historical develo...

March 2011 15 pages

Vietnam Investment Environment and ICT Market Report up to 2010 and beyond

US$ 2,495.00

The report provides details on key macroeconomic indicators, trends of foreign investment in Vietnam, taxation issues, banking system, private equity, and corruption. The report also provides details...

December 2010 71 pages