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NNMT ADVISOR is a unique provider of business and investment consultancy headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Professional experts and researchers headed by the founder of the agency Mr. Bien Ngoc Nguyen, offer unparalleled advisory services to those intending to enter national market or invest into the perspective businesses in Vietnam. NNMT ADVISOR’s reports can be extremely instructive to retailers, investors, suppliers, exporters and various researchers. An experienced team, selective methodology and insightful studies are factors to ensure credible and authentic data and powerful decisions for the clientele.

Brisk demand service is masterfully capable to:
  • navigate the consumers in Vietnamese marketplace;
  • provide historical insights;
  • clarify competitors’ stand;
  • elaborate winning strategies;
  • find long-term partnerships;
  • support start-ups;
  • make forecasts.
Investment environment is represented in tables of figures, various investment models and legal framework. NNMT ADVISOR’s reports contain such valuable information as company profiles, SWOT analysis, market entry and growth strategies.

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