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Stanley Consulting Corporation (SCC) with the main office in Beijing delivers high-quality consulting services to global clients of all sorts of industries. Exclusive intelligence services enabled the company to take a leading position in the consulting market. Within a context of global business data, Stanley Consulting Corporation adopted a strategy of information globalization.

Our research process is organized in close cooperation with the clients from top to bottom to increase their competitiveness and identify the best scenario of their sustainable development.

Smooth transformation to the better performance is guaranteed by:
  • Top-quality business data
  • Advisories on recent industrial technologies
  • Comprehensive market research
  • Detailed consultations on various economic issues
We strive to increase the capabilities of an organization in various business aspects and make every client a strong player in the field. The algorithm of our activities is the integration of customized solutions, in-depth study of the client’s capabilities and opportunities, and large-scale market research that includes recent trends, key players and company profiles.

Customers can take the advantage of tailor-made expertize and the challenges identified by competent SCC analysts. Calibrated business findings offered by SCC are aimed at clients’ growth and good awareness of what they can do to become appreciated and efficient global players.

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