Seneca Consultants SPRL

A private agency Seneca provides research and advisory services to businesses willing to obtain feasible market solutions, in-depth insights and promotion assistance. The agency has employed professional analysts and field experts from reputable UK bodies such as:
  • UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit;
  • the European Commission;
  • UK Treasury;
  • the London School of Economics.
A committed team endeavors to bring about the opportunity for the customers in searching for elaborate market decisions and growth drivers. Tailor made solutions are helpful for enterpreneurs to discover efficient and innovative methods in their business activity. Based upon comprehensive data from authoritative sources Seneca’s reports represent:
  • Market share and segmentation
  • Key players overview
  • Major brands
  • New product launch advice
  • Competitive landscape
  • Import and export analysis
  • Pricing
  • Forecasts.
Assisted by Seneca the clients acquire knowledge on UK economy and markets, improve their competitive position, identify favorable investment perspectives, and boost marketing and strategic performance.

Research Reports By Seneca Consultants SPRL

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