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SNE Research: Market Research Reports

SNE Research is a notable deliverer of ultimate market knowledge across onward East Asian industries, global corporations and industry related associations. It has strong relationships with investment and governmental bodies, scientific institutes and academies keeping contacts with other consulting and research agencies. With the vision to enrich customers’ knowledge on renewable energy sectors the SNE’s staff is struggling to provide high-quality expertize and insightful reports on such related industries as:

  • Parts and Materials
  • Applications
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alternative energy
  • Electric automotive and more.

SNE Research performs market intelligence services, extensive reports and other activities to keep customers abreast of newest technologies and events in the area of renewable industry. Numerous related reports provide analytical views on sales, supply and demand situation, value chain insights, major trends and participants’ overview, investment prospects and forecasts. SNE’s consulting support is based on reputable data from governmental and public sources, tailor made corporate solutions and in-depth research activities.

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Analysis of Chinese Producers of Secondary Batteries for Electric Vehicles: BYD

US$ 4,000.00

... 19 business divisions. Started with a business in small secondary batteries, BYD is producing various parts of electric equipment and growing rapidly in the ... sales of BYD, which is leading the Chinese market for secondary batteries for EVs. Through analysis of current production and technologies of the ...

July 2016 73 pages

Current State of Chinese Secondary Battery Industry (2012~2015)

US$ 3,000.00

The size of the Chinese secondary battery industry in 2015 was 265.3 billion yuan (RMB), which is ... times in 2016.? This report has researched supply volume in the Chinese secondary battery market per type of battery, and has especially researched ...

June 2016 86 pages

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Cost Analysis and Market Outlook (Cell, BMS, Housing, Harness, BDU, Relay, Busbar)

US$ 3,500.00

... examining battery packs, as one of the key parts of electric cars. Based on analysis on related auto parts such as battery cells, modules and BMS (Battery Management ... forecasts for auto parts by 2020. Information of the current cost of battery pack parts, projected prices and market size can be available in ...

May 2016 95 pages

Leading Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Makers: Strategy Analysis

US$ 4,000.00

... batteries such as ESS and xEV applications are expected to be the dividing line between victory and defeat. Lithium rechargeable battery ... ion rechargeable battery industry; and the other part is to provide strategies of major li-ion rechargeable battery makers ... roadmap strategies of leading LIB makers as well as ...

April 2016 350 pages

Touch Panel Technology & Cost Analysis

US$ 3,450.00

... , LCDs have become a major TV technology and the flat panel display market is about to face challenges of OLED display technology. For the past ten ... enter into strong competition in 2014. This report focuses on Curved TV technology, explaining overall market trends, suggesting issues regarding curved TVs ...

January 2014 155 pages

Curved (LCD/OLED) TV Analysis (Market, Technology, Process, Product)

US$ 4,950.00

... definition and 3D TVs. Now TV producers are hoping to revive the stagnant TV market by introducing ultra high definition (UHD), which is in 3840 x 2160 (4K2K) ... with Sony's 65" FHD Curved LCD TV in September 2013, Samsung Electronics unveiled a world's first 65" curved UHD LCD TV and a 55" curved UHD OLED. Then ...

January 2014 144 pages

Global LIB Market Status and Forecast for IT Application

US$ 3,950.00

... market saturation of smartphones which started during 2013. The IT LIB market was slow in general in 2013, however the two key factors are expected ... Panasonic of Japan supplied is expected to reach 180 million cells. Supporting a positive market view, 110,500 vehicles of Model S and Model X are expected to ...

January 2014 110 pages

Global Market Analysis of Separator for Lithium Ion Battery

US$ 4,450.00

The global demand for separators used in lithium rechargeable batteries reached 630 million ??in 2013, which is twice the level of 2010 (365 million ... 2020, reaching 3,022 million ??after six years. Although 16% of the entire separator market was occupied by medium to large sized battery applications, small- ...

January 2014 125 pages

[In-depth]UHD TV Makers' Market Strategy Analysis(2013-2016)

US$ 3,950.00

... May 2013. The newly updated UHD TV report, UHD TV Makers' Market Strategy Analysis (2013~2016) reports in-depth study on panel & set technology ... to 1.2 M pcs from January to August of 2013 in the panel base. The UHD TV panel shipment penetration accounts as 0.8% (Korea 4.7%, Japan 0.6%, Taiwan 81.4% and China ...

September 2013 339 pages

UV LED-Key Patent Analysis and Market Forecast(2012-2018)

US$ 4,250.00

... LED products are expected to replace existing mercury UV lamps rapidly. In fact, UV LEDs have already started to replace mercury-vapor lamps in many applications ... specifications of 139 key patents Overall patent trend analysis, key patent trend analysis and issued patent analysis UV LED technology timeline ...

September 2013 237 pages

Market Analysis and Technology Issue of Global Energy Storage System used Li-ion Battery (2020)

US$ 4,350.00

... year. The energy storage industry is rapidly growing in the world. From a technological aspect, LIBs, which have the largest number of applications, are ... Points of this report LIB ESS market forecast by application Intensive analysis of the LIB ESS market Technological issues and solutions for ESSs

August 2013 360 pages

LIBs for IT applications;global market analysis and forecast

US$ 3,950.00

... representing an 8.5% increase compared with 4,525 million cells of 2011. The market is estimated to reach 5,141 million cells with a 4.7% increase compared to 2013, eventually reaching 7,270 million cells in 2018. By applications, it is forecasted that LiB shipments in the mobile phone segment will total 2, ...

July 2013 152 pages

LED Lighting System Technology Trend & Market Forecast (2012-2020)

US$ 3,950.00

... . LED lighting systems are next-generation lighting systems, whose concepts are based on cross-industry collaboration that enables remarkable energy savings through convergence of IT technologies and LED ... , LED lighting systems are bringing about a paradigm shift in the lighting industry. LED lighting systems are an epoch-making technology that can maximize the energy saving effect of LED luminaires ...

June 2013 170 pages

Anode Material for Li-ion Secondary Battery - Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2013 ver.)

US$ 3,950.00

... CAGR of the anode material market is expected to be 20.4% for artificial graphite (AG) and 16.9% for natural graphite (NG) between 2011 and 2016. The anode material market is expected to be reach about KRW 900 billion in 2016. This figure indicates that the demand for anode materials is increasing ...

June 2013 154 pages

Analysis of ESS Business - Flow Battery Tech. & Market

US$ 4,250.00

Flow Battery, the new solution for ESS market An ESS (Energy Storage System) is a device that stores electric power energy ... institutions and companies. Provides trend of flow battery through patent analysis. Provides information on global flow battery installation up to 2012. Analyzes factors ...

May 2013 200 pages

LIBs for EV - Technology Issue and Market Forecast (2011~2020)

US$ 4,950.00

... integration into new secondary batteries such as Li-S and redox flow batteries is also being considered. This report provides close examination on technological issues of currently available batteries used in electric vehicles in terms of energy density, prices, safety, and low-temperature performance, and ...

May 2013 324 pages

Next Generation TV Market Insight

US$ 5,500.00

From 2010, United States and Europe continued to face problems of astronomical budget deficit and surge in oil price which caused the global economy to fall apart. As a result, consumers around the world had to close their wallets and change their spending patterns by reducing their expenses to minimal ...

May 2013 203 pages

2013 edition: LIB key patent analysis: High-Voltage Electrolyte

US$ 4,250.00

... are one of those necessary to achieve high voltage. Along with the key secondary battery technologies such as cathode and anode materials to store ... electrolytes. To reflect this trend, SNE presents a key patent analysis report for high voltage electrolytes used in LiBs. This report provides information ...

April 2013 240 pages

Analysis of the Expired Patent: Nichia's YAG Phosphor

US$ 4,250.00

... published a report, which presents an intensive analysis of the patent claims of Nichia?s YAG patent (US Patent No. 5998) set to expire soon and the claims ... YAG-based materials more objectively, impressing on related companies the importance of making plans for the soon-to-be-expired patents and interpreting ...

April 2013 215 pages

[In Depth Analysis] Market Forecast for Backsheet in Solar Cells

US$ 3,950.00

... the backsheet market is expected to increase to a size of 1.7 trillion. The report focus on Backsheet Market with deep market analysis. Section I : Market Analysis Backsheet supply chain analysis of China's major solar cell manufacturers. Backsheet market forecast for global 8 major countries. (Market Demand ...

March 2013 164 pages

LED Lighting - Key Patent Analysis: COB LED

US$ 4,250.00

... to provide information on patent technology trends of Korea and foreign countries on recent biggest issue [COB LED] In recent LED lighting market where the ... releasing results of technology development. As shown in the report most of the key patents are from small group of leading companies and from ...

March 2013 277 pages

Weekly China PV Price Tracker

US$ 5,000.00

... the Premium Service is to be provided by cooperation with a local company in China Data Service Provided in Weekly China PV Price Tracker Major Parts and Materials Cell/Module Sale prices of major company's products provided. HS Code and Export/Import tariffs information provided. Parts ...

February 2013 1 pages

In-Depth Analysis Report of Glass for PV Market (2008~2015F)

US$ 3,950.00

... of decrease will be as low as 4.4%. Thus, it is estimated that the solar cell glass market will enter a recovery phase this year, reaching KRW ... of key theories, technologies, and processes of solar cell glass. Especially, it provides analysis of glass technologies and technological issues based on solar cell ...

February 2013 310 pages

Next-Generation Flexible Thin-film Solar Cell Technology and Market Forecast (2009~2020)

US$ 3,950.00

... circumstances, light-weight, and highly portable. Because of these advantages, flexible solar cells are expected to be applied for various purposes, since they ... 6GW in production in 2020. (Source: SNE Research, 2013, ' Next-Generation Flexible Thin-film Solar Cell Technology and Market Forecast(2009~2020 ...

February 2013 415 pages

LIBs for IT Applications: Market Analysis and Forecast, Comprehensive edition 2012

US$ 3,950.00

... and 4Q, which belong to the peak season in the IT industry, the overall LIB shipments were actually flat, as demand for the cylindrical type ... analysis of major applicants by manufacturer and client [2012 1Q ~ 4Q(E)] Analysis of supply chains for Top 4 Chinese packers [2012 1Q ~ 3Q] Global LIB market analysis ...

January 2013 153 pages

LIB key patent analysis: LTO anode material, 2013 edition

US$ 4,250.00

... as follows: Analysis of each global top applicant Technology flowcharts to comprehend the LTO anode development trend Detailed analysis of key patents Analysis of summaries of other key patents Analysis of trends in LIB technology transfer and disputes Analysis of patents on MoOx materials

January 2013 153 pages

Market Forecast of Global Energy Storage System (~2020)

US$ 4,350.00

... was used to store electric energy for the first time in Italy and Switzerland in 1890s. This is designed to convert electricity in the form of potential energy pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation to generate electricity when needed through water power generation. This is the oldest ...

January 2013 273 pages

SiC single-crystal technology trend and market forecast (2010~2020)

US$ 4,350.00

... one of pressing issues the power semi-conductor industry is facing is to develop technologies for electric energy, which accounts for about 35% of the total ... SiC powder to pellets and single crystals, and analyzing the current SiC single crystal growth technologies and industry trends. In addition, it provides ...

January 2013 189 pages

Lithium-Air Batteries: Technology Trends and Commercialization Prospects

US$ 4,750.00

... since the mid-2000s. Although it is forecasted that lithium-air batteries are far away from commercialization due to many issues to be overcome, ... strong point of this report is the up-to-date technology development trend in the field of lithium-air batteries including: Analysis of development projects and ...

January 2013 142 pages

Metals Pastes for Solar Cells: Technology Research Trend and Market Forecast

US$ 2,990.00

... , and prices. Section I: market analysis Analysis of metal paste suppliers of major Chinese solar cell manufacturers (Front Ag, Rear Ag, Rear Al) Forecast of global ... , Ferro) New product launch trend Trend in research on metal pastes for solar cells Trend in research on metal pastes for high efficiency ...

January 2013 221 pages

Recent OPV technology and market forecast (2009~2020)

US$ 3,450.00

... , it is gradually growing thorough small mobile applications and BIPVs. Many technological improvements, such as more than 11% effciency achieved from unit cells ... , SNE Research has published a new report titled Recent OPV Technology and Market Forecast?? This report provides comprehensive analysis of the ...

January 2013 253 pages

LED Lighting - Key Patent Analysis: Remote Phosphor

US$ 4,250.00

... , since it can improve white LED efficiency by 30 to 40% compared with existing ones by minimizing heat generation and light losses. Some companies such ... Osram, in-depth analysis is provided including technology flow charges and key patent analysis for each company. In particular, according to the result ...

December 2012 157 pages

Quartz Crucible & Diamond Wire Analysis for PV (2009~2016F)

US$ 2,990.00

... growth, and many surface coating technologies to prevent oxygen contained in quartz from being leaked to the outside. The existing slicing process ... ~2016F) Feasibility study for constructing quartz crucible production plants Part 2. Diamond wire Diamond wire manufacturing process and technology overview ...

November 2012 226 pages

[In-depth Analysis] China's Top 5 PV Manufacturers - PV Component Supplier Database (2006~2012)

US$ 2,990.00

... data for start-up companies. SNE Research has published '[In-depth Analysis] China's Top 5 PV manufacturers PV component supplier database (2006~2012)' which ... in Excel. In addition, this report includes more detailed and accurate analysis are provided based on joint research with Chinese local companies ...

November 2012 1 pages

Carbon Market Analysis for LED & PV (2009~2015F)

US$ 2,950.00

... covers the technology development trend of carbon materials for solar cell and LED applications, industry trends, and market forecasts. Main contents: ... manufacturing poly-silicon and ingots for solar cells Carbon parts for manufacturing LEDs LED Production/shipment, prices, production costs, supply/ ...

October 2012 258 pages

China Electric Vehicle Industry Trend and Market Forecast(2009~2020)

US$ 6,500.00

... HEVs) market, not new energy vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs). *HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle SNE Research expects China's annual EV sales will ... policies, EV pilot projects, and EV development programs, and the development trends of the EV industry. In addition, EV market analysis and forecast by technology type ...

October 2012 551 pages

CPV(Concentrated Photovoltaics) Technology and Market Forecast(2009-2020)

US$ 3,450.00

The CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) technology started from the concept that inexpensive optical systems can be used to concentrate an equal amount of light ... Research) SNE Research has published a report titled 'Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology (CPV) and Market forecast (2009-2020)'. This report will ...

October 2012 179 pages

Key Patent Analysis - Substrate for Flexible OLED

US$ 4,250.00

... display applications. (See Figure) This report provides patent analysis on luminescent materials, which is one of the key technologies for implementing the above ... . It is expected that this report will serve as a good guideline to look into the patent trend in the field of luminescent materials and related ...

October 2012 92 pages

Key Patent Analysis -Luminescent Materials for OLED Lighting, 2012 edition

US$ 4,250.00

... OLED lighting along with efficiency and lifetime. Accordingly, luminous materials for lighting applications have different requirements from those for ... applications. (See Figure) This report provides patent analysis on luminescent materials, which is one of the key technologies for implementing the above ...

October 2012 92 pages

Ultra Capacitor - Recent Technology and Market Forecast (-2020)

US$ 4,450.00

... , medium, large, and extra large size according to capacitance. The ultra-small and small product ( less than 1F) markets are expected to ... comprehensive data about ultra capacitors. To forecast the recent trend in material compositions, newest materials, latest technologies by capacitor type, business trends ...

October 2012 336 pages

Li Secondary Battery Key Patent Analysis : Separator Coating and Surface Treatment

US$ 4,450.00

... separators. However, the demand for high capacity and output batteries are gradually increasing, which brings about increasing concern about ... and surface modification for lithium secondary batteries In-depth analysis of patent disputes General and in-depth analysis of key patents Analysis of summaries of ...

September 2012 87 pages

Li-ion Secondary Battery Key Patent Analysis : NCM Cathode Materials

US$ 4,450.00

... the ESS market as well As there is a growing need for high energy density batteries used as power supplies with the development of technologies for mobile ... and high energy density. SNE Report has analyzed key patents on NCM cathode materials for lithium secondary batteries. From a population of 1,429 ...

August 2012 123 pages

[In-depth Analysis] Chinese PV Company Y (Cell/module)

US$ 2,900.00

... based on 2011 production, you can tell how much potential China has. In the overall PV industry except the polysilicon industry, there ... role model for Korean companies as late runners. Accordingly, SNE Research published '[In-depth Analysis] Chinese PV Company Y (Cell/Module)' which is intended to provide ...

August 2012 131 pages

LED Lighting Key Patent Analysis: Thermal Management Technologies

US$ 4,250.00

... carry out the research/analysis. For in-depth analysis of each technology, technology flowcharts that indicate current status of key patents and the ... LED lighting technologies, is expected to be a good guideline for related companies or research institutes to look into the patenting trend and related key ...

August 2012 144 pages

In-Depth Analysis of the Korean LIB Market and Manufacturers

US$ 2,990.00

... as the No. 1 LIB producer 10 years after it entered the industry. Considering Korean companies have high competitiveness in the market for electric vehicles ... of LIB and each LIB material markets in Korea Production capacity and supply by Korean LIB manufacturer In-depth analysis of Korean LIB manufacturers ...

August 2012 292 pages

Global and China Silicon Metal Market Analysis (2009~2016F)

US$ 4,950.00

... supply chains of global Top 10 polysilicon manufacturers Current status of metal silicon import/export and market analysis in China Analysis of capacity, production, ... . High purity metal silicon is mostly used as a raw material of semi-conductors and polysilicon, and in the upper rank among solar cell ...

July 2012 274 pages

Li-ion Secondary Battery Patent Analysis: Si-based High Capacity Anode Materials

US$ 4,450.00

... , graphite is accounting for more than 97% of anode materials for li-ion secondary batteries in the world regardless of natural or artificial graphite. Recently, the ... the use is expected to increase as high capacity anode materials provides analysis of patents that had been filed from January 1, 1990 to May ...

July 2012 90 pages

GaN-On-Si Key Patent Analysis

US$ 4,250.00

... generated by a wide difference in thermal expansion coefficients between silicon and GaN materials, and the energy band of Si substrates is opaque, causing a large ... the technology development trend and key patents in the field of GaN-On-Si. The in-depth key patent analysis provided by the report is focused ...

July 2012 110 pages

China Wind Power Industry and Market Forecast (2004~2015)

US$ 3,990.00

... competitive domestic market. Existing companies and new comers in the power generation industry should closely monitor the current situation and ... in competition with Chinese companies in overseas markets as well as China. To analyze the wind power generation industry and market forecast, this report ...

June 2012 495 pages

Encapsulaion Materials for Solar Cell Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2008~2015F) -3rd version-

US$ 3,990.00

This EVA Sheet 3rd version is published with new contents covering the following topics. New contents: PV encapsulant research trend based on analysis of recent theses/dissertations Analysis of patents of major six EVA sheet manufacturers (Bridge Stone, DuPont, DNP, Mitsui Chemical Tochello, Sanvic, ...

June 2012 235 pages