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SNE Research is a notable deliverer of ultimate market knowledge across onward East Asian industries, global corporations and industry related associations. It has strong relationships with investment and governmental bodies, scientific institutes and academies keeping contacts with other consulting and research agencies. With the vision to enrich customers’ knowledge on renewable energy sectors the SNE’s staff is struggling to provide high-quality expertize and insightful reports on such related industries as:
  • Parts and Materials
  • Applications
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alternative energy
  • Electric automotive and more.
SNE Research performs market intelligence services, extensive reports and other activities to keep customers abreast of newest technologies and events in the area of renewable industry. Numerous related reports provide analytical views on sales, supply and demand situation, value chain insights, major trends and participants’ overview, investment prospects and forecasts. SNE’s consulting support is based on reputable data from governmental and public sources, tailor made corporate solutions and in-depth research activities.

Research Reports By SNE Research

Found 76 publications
Touch Panel Technology & Cost Analysis US$ 3,450.00 Jan, 2014 155 pages
Next Generation TV Market Insight US$ 5,500.00 May, 2013 203 pages
LED Lighting - Key Patent Analysis: COB LED US$ 4,250.00 Mar, 2013 277 pages
Weekly China PV Price Tracker US$ 5,000.00 Feb, 2013 1 pages
LED Lighting - Key Patent Analysis: Remote Phosphor US$ 4,250.00 Dec, 2012 157 pages
Carbon Market Analysis for LED & PV (2009~2015F) US$ 2,950.00 Nov, 2012 258 pages
Key Patent Analysis - Substrate for Flexible OLED US$ 4,250.00 Oct, 2012 92 pages
GaN-On-Si Key Patent Analysis US$ 4,250.00 Jul, 2012 110 pages
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