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Founded in India, Aniruddha Sowale has been carring out consulting services and producing market research for eight years. On contractual terms the researchists are in on-going cooperation with pharmaceutical, industrial, educational, ICT domains and public authorities. It has durable partnership with:
  • Evaluserve and Frost & Sullivan advisory institutions;
  • Health care enterprises;
  • Microsoft;
  • Mobile telephone companies.
Aniruddha Sowale challenge is searching for key benefits by exploring and analyzing global market environment. Apart from outsource services the experts endeavor to disclose significant influential factors, establish executive policies for the applicant and overview perspectives for efficient business development. Core report components include:
  • Commercial overview of a targeted sector;
  • Current and perspective investment opportunities;
  • Recruitment expertise;
  • Major market vendors;
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and threats of the sectors under analysis.
Aniruddha Sowale is aimed at helping the consumers to meet new challenges and get self-assured in their opportunities to gain high income.

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