Metal Expert Consulting

Metal Expert Consulting is an independent information agency specializing in market research, consulting and analytical support in the region of CIS and internationally. Founded in 2007 with offices in Ukraine, Russia and U.S. it has created an ultimate database enclosing manifold information on major industries, markets and commodities.

Unparalleled resource and in-house methodology enables a proficient team of analysts:
  • provide insightful analysis;
  • publish consummate reports and forecasts;
  • ensure conceptual solutions;
  • design beneficial business strategies.
Over 200 specialists carry out market monitoring, industry assessment and objective analysis of metallurgy, transportation, chemical and other sectors. Reports on metallurgy are performed in such areas as raw stuff, semi-processed and processed materials, steel products, piping and pig iron. Chemical reports cover synthetic and rubber materials, paints, fertilizers and polymers. Sea or rail shipping as well as railway coach manufacturing are also studied.

Deep comprehension of the present-day market situation and extensive research made by Metal Expert Consulting are prerequisites for client’s successful business performance.

Research Reports By Metal Expert Consulting

Found 2 publications
Iron Ore Markets Forecast Till 2025 US$ 9,700.00 US$ 5,000.00 Sep, 2013 180 pages
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