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Select Biosciences Ltd. (SELECTBIO) was created in 1999 to offer focused market reports, recruitment, customised consultancy, training conferences and courses to the life sciences domain. The company’s Market Reports department is busy with creating specialist reports that assess major developments in leading-edge fields as they start to expand. The research studies are focused on analysing the emerging and dynamic markets in the drug discovery and life sciences fields. In case there is a specific requirement for a report, SELECTBIO’s experts are willing to do everything they can to make sure these requirements are met in full.

The company’s market reports provide an all-round analysis of the industry, a review of technologies utilised, insights into the market trends and opportunities, market share information, market size data and expected growth rates, etc.

Market reports developed by SELECTBIO encompass a wide range of areas, such as the stem cells domain; emerging classes of diagnostics; biomarkers, pharmacogenetics and personalised medicine; therapeutic proteins, antibodies and vaccines; reagents for life science research, instrumentation and consumables; microRNAs and epigenetics; omics technologies; bioprocessing, biotherapeutics (or biologics) and biosimilars; drug discovery technologies and tools; and systems biology, among others.

Research Reports By Select Biosciences Ltd.

Found 16 publications
Cellular Therapy and Cord Blood 2013 Market Report US$ 2,119.00 Feb, 2013 172 pages
MicroRNAs and Exosomes Market Report 2012 US$ 2,119.00 Aug, 2012 168 pages
MicroRNA Market Trends 2011 US$ 1,655.00 Oct, 2011 139 pages
Algae Biofuel: Why Not Now? US$ 1,589.00 Sep, 2011 87 pages
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) Market Trends 2011 US$ 1,589.00 Jul, 2011 89 pages
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Market Trends 2011 US$ 1,323.00 Jun, 2011 42 pages
Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets 2012 US$ 3,907.00 Jun, 2011 222 pages
Single Cell Omics 2011 US$ 3,907.00 May, 2011 167 pages
Adult Stem Cells Market Trends 2011 US$ 1,986.00 Jan, 2011 100 pages
Epigenetics Market Trends 2011 US$ 1,655.00 Jan, 2011 76 pages
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