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Insight Research: Market Research Reports

Since its founding in 1990, Insight has gained a reputation for objective, thoughtful market research. Telecommunications industry analysis is our sole focus; we are in the marketplace every day evaluating information and analyzing data, providing the most current, leading-edge market assessments. By continually expanding our agenda to serve the changing needs of our clients, we have earned a reputation for unparalleled customer support. Talk to us directly and you will understand even better how our talented, experienced staff and research expertise can benefit your company.
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Virtual Core - Gateway to the 'Real 5G'

US$ 4,500.00

This chapter provides an overview of the market size of one of the most potent network functions (NF) in mobile telephony – the core; in the context of the efforts to virtualize them; into virtual mac...

August 2022 171 pages

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony Packet Core: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

US$ 3,500.00

Core VNFs, or vEPCs are fast becoming the norm. A significant improvement from their outlier status in comparison with conventional network switches a few years back. Admittedly, the role played by LT...

June 2020 140 pages

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

US$ 4,900.00

Covid19 and its associated measures have been a mixed bag for telcos. On one hand, telcos and NF vendors will get adversely affected by the most unprecedented global recession witnessed in close to a...

June 2020 190 pages

CNFs and VNFs in Cellular Telephony RAN: Pre and Post Covid19 Analysis

US$ 3,500.00

CNFs in RAN present the ultimate frontier in network function engineering. Insight Research forecasts a jump of about 9 percent in the share of RAN CNFs. The jump is indicative of the enormous potenti...

June 2020 135 pages

LSO - Prospects and Challenges (The Market for Network Application Orchestrators 2019-2025)

US$ 4,695.00

... . This report will look at the challenges involved in bringing LSO to shape and forecast the addressable LSO solutions market. The report will also ... of SDN, NFV, OSS and BSS technologies? What are the prospects of individual LSO interfaces? Reach us at [email protected] with your ...

September 2019 90 pages

Containers and Telcos - Ready to tango?

US$ 4,695.00

... onslaught by the combined forces of telco-inertia, apprehension and genuine concerns surrounding performance and product-readiness. This potent combination of almost ... drivers and challenges for containers. Chapters four and five will examine the initiatives of vendors and telcos. Chapter six covers ...

June 2019 127 pages

vRAN and vEPC: State-of-the-art

US$ 4,695.00

... are vRAN and vEPC? What is their market size? How inevitable are vRAN and vEPC? What do telcos think about vRAN and vEPC? What is the approach of the ... existing hardware vendors towards vRAN and vEPC?

January 2019 125 pages

SDN and NFV: The Game-changing Impact

US$ 4,695.00

... operators. The number of companies associated with NFV and SDN is already in three digits. What are SDN and NFV? At the risk of oversimplifying things, it ... ascent into services and solutions with better profitability potential. NFV and SDN also democratize the network equipment manufacturing landscape to an ...

January 2018 200 pages

The VNFO – Ripe for Change

US$ 4,500.00

Change is the only constant in life. Virtual Network Function Orchestrators (VNFO), or MANOs, are no exception to this rule. The change confronting the technology is however monumental in nature. From...

July 2024