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Credit (translated from Latin as “I believe”) refers to the commitment which a bank/moneylender depends upon to allow a loan or goods/services like consumer credit and accept a repayment at a postponed date. Upon establishing to grant a loan or not, the creditor (lender) usually considers the debtor’s the credit score. The latter, a numerical interpretation of the information within one’s credit report, talks about the applicant’s borrowing power. The credit score is also thought over when assessing the loan’s size/lending limit and the rate of interest.

A loan often stands for a monetary amount borrowed by a person/business with a contractual arrangement to discharge the debt at a lengthened date. Repaid usually on in installments over time, loans are typically integrant of the notion “interest” – a percentage (an interest rate) measured on grounds of the size of money loaned, otherwise termed the principal.

The Catalogue covers major sectors and sub-sectors within the Credit and Loans Market, revealing complex ties between the global economic advance and the market performance. The research reports disclose major market growth forces and retarders, detailed segmentation, market sizing and growth tempos. The competitive picture is examined and prominent-to-emerging players in the Credit and Loans Industry are detected and profiled, and forecasts for the Credit and Loans Market development on a world, regional and local level are on hand in the reports.

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Consumer Credit in China US$ 900.00

... of credit throughout the year. Euromonitor International's Consumer Credit in China report establishes the size and structure of the market for ATMs cards, smart cards, credit ... data. Why buy this report? Get a detailed picture of the Consumer Credit market; Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change ...

Mar, 2012 14 pages
China Online Lending Industry Report, 2015 US$ 2,000.00

... , China's online lending platform and its market size have swelled. According to the statistical data from Wangdaizhijia, a P2P online lending platform, the number of online lending platforms ... regulations aiming specially at online lending in China as of the end of 2015H1. China Online Lending Industry Report, 2015 mainly covers the followings: Overview of online lending industry in China, including development history, policies ...

Jul, 2015 85 pages
Credit & Identification Card Supplies World Report US$ 4,250.00

CREDIT & IDENTIFICATION CARD SUPPLIES WORLD REPORT The Credit & Identification Card Supplies World Report gives Market Consumption/Products/Services for over ...

Mar, 2015 2195 pages
Nondepository Credit Intermediation Lines World Report US$ 2,950.00 Jan, 2015 2021 pages
Nondepository Credit Intermediation Lines Asia Report US$ 1,900.00 Jan, 2015 1926 pages
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