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Having a long history of high quality consulting and market exploration, 9Dimen Research has acquired a reputation of a top-rate company in this sphere. Since the very beginning the advisory group has generated its own explicit business model and overriding priorities of work. This strategic orientation enabled the staff to produce professional scientific research. Business planning assistance, market entry research, investment proposals evaluation, consumer investigation, competitive intelligence and other subjects are also within the band span of 9Dimen.

Successful exploratory activity directly depends on advantageous data access, competent personnel and entire adoption of global scientific management system. Company’s prosperity is tightly bound to 9Dimen focus on gaining clear-cut solutions to the turned up issue.

A rich area of the company research includes metallurgy industry, electronic information systems, transportation, textile, clothing and footwear industry, biomedicine, chemical sector, electrical power generation, food production, education, media and others.

Annually 9Dimen recruits over 20 employees of various kinds such as lawyers, public jobholders, academicians and financial experts who provide highly proficient consultancy.

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