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Market research and consulting agency Prof Research is occupied with providing high standard services across 30 industries. Founded in Shanghai, 2009, the agency has published more than 300 successful reports. The scope of comprehensive studies includes such Chinese industries as:
  • Energy
  • Consumer products
  • Healthcare and medications
  • Machinery
  • New materials and equipment
  • Transportation
Committed to satisfy clients’ needs it uses a contemporary database and reliable resources. Market analysis and advancement prospects offered by Prof Research are represented in insightful reports furnished with forecasts and strategically crucial solutions.

Proficient consultants, experts and researchers are aimed at rendering valuable recommendations to help customers understand the market situation, their potential in business and make feasible decisions. Moreover, Prof Research’s competent opinion is a great support to small and major national businesses. In the near term the agency intends to serve overseas companies with syndicated and customized reports.

Research Reports By Prof Research

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